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Women in Health and Safety is a thriving network of people who support gender equality and want to see women flourish in the health & safety profession. Set up by SHP in 2015, it’s a hub of events, content and networking opportunities. Our get-togethers and resources are always completely free and open to all, and both men and women are actively encouraged to join us.

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  • 5,000+ people have attended one of our events, which take place all over the UK and online.
  • As well as events, committee workstreams now cover: mentoring programmes; getting young people into the profession; and amplifying women’s voices.
  • Safety & Health Expo hosts our biggest annual celebration.
  • HSE, NEBOSH, Mace, HSE Recruitment, HSW Consultants, Shirley Parsons, Acre, Hays and Redcat have all hosted events.

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SHP Meets Women In Health And Safety

SHP has carried out a series of interviews with the aim of amplifying the voices of women in the profession. Some of the topics covered affect women more than men. Some are deeply personal. It’s our belief that we bring our whole selves to work and therefore should be able to talk about all sorts of issues that affect us, day-to-day, in a work setting.

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Past events

Events have taken place all over the country, in cities including Norwich, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Take a look at highlights videos and photos of some of our events below. For more past events highlights see the posts below:

The Women in Health and Safety committee

SHP works with a committee to determine the best direction for Women in Health and Safety. We meet quarterly to assess feedback from recent activity and discuss plans for the next quarter. Committee members include:

      • Amy Sadro, Principal Associate, Environment, Health and Safety Team, Eversheds Sutherland International LLP
      • Anastasia Hayden, Senior Health Safety Environment Advisor, Knight Frank
      • Anne Gardner-Aston, Group Health, Safety & Wellbeing Director, Places for People
      • Aoife Devaney, Health and Safety Assistant, St George Developments
      • Barbara Marino, Director, ORSA Projects
      • Charlotte Geoghegan, Event Manager, Safety & Health Expo, Workplace Wellbeing Show and SHP
      • Charlotte Taylor, Senior Health & Safety Advisory, Morgan Sindall
      • Chinwe Okeke, Director, Health Safety Security & Environment
      • Claire Saunders, Health and Safety Consultant
      • Donna Walker, Safety and Security Manager EMEA, Splunk
      • Emma Hughes, Collaboration Learning and Improvement Champion, A-one+ Integated Highway Services
      • Gillian Simcox, Senior Health and Safety Manager, Social Security Scotland
      • Heather Beach, Managing Director, The Healthy Work Company
      • Ian Hart, Editor, SHP
      • Jennifer Mulgrew-Smith, Head of Health & Safety, University of the Arts London
      • Jonathan Dempsey, Red Laces
      • Karen McDonnell, Occupational Health & Safety Policy Adviser, RoSPA
      • Rebecca Walpole, Health and Safety Manager, Freshfields
      • Ruth Denyer, Director, Production Safety, Netflix
      • Sarah McDowell, Health and Safety Consultant, Arup
      • Victoria Coates, HSEQ Manager, DPS Group


Gallery of past events


Why are women not bothering with Fellowship?

WIHS webinar that challenges lack of female Fellowship representation to feature IOSH President among speakers.

HSE acknowledge issue of ill-fitting PPE as regulator engage with SHP

SHP’s Inclusive PPE campaign took a significant step forward as Karl Simons OBE opened communication with the UK health and safety regulator.

‘I felt overjoyed. They were like slippers’: Finally finding safety boots that fit

Despite a 30-year safety career Emma Woodhouse only recently discovered boots that complement her size one feet.

‘Fit clinics’ – Delivering PPE that fits the bill

uvex’s Clair Weston explains how PPE “fit clinics” – and product ranges that cater for all sizes – can help keep employees safe.

‘I had no other choice but to wear it’: Michelle Stephens on ill-fitting PPE

Michelle Stephens has worked 30 years in health and safety, primarily in rail, yet unsuitable PPE continues to be an issue. Here she shares her experiences.

‘It took six years before I realised PPE for women was available’: Katy Robinson on making a difference

Katy Robinson is spearheading a PPE campaign targeting the Yorkshire construction sector. Here, she explains its origin, the progress made, and why there is still much to do. 

Women in Health and Safety announce Christmas event

Women in Health and Safety announce dates and the theme for its Christmas event this year. 

‘You and Your Career’ webinar series dates released by WIHS

SHP hears from Women in Health and Safety as they announce an upcoming three-part webinar series called “You and Your Career”.

The shape of PPE for women could be changing to enhance safety and effectiveness

The shape of PPE for women could be changed so it increases safety for the user and is more effective in its role.

Women in construction to be celebrated at national awards

Women working in the construction industry are set to be celebrated at a national awards ceremony this year.

“Don’t let anybody knock you down, don’t let anything set you back”

SHP speaks to Carolyn Smith, Director of Health and Safety at VPS, about gender diversity in health and safety.

Recruit to retain

Following on from last week’s article to coincide with International Women in Engineering Day, Beth Holroyd outlines key points to consider when encouraging more females into a sector in desperate need of new talent.

‘Focus on safety over health in risk management is failing women’

At the Safety & Health Expo in May this year, delegates heard from Alison Margary, British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) Past President on why women’s workplace health is neglected.

Moving forward

On International Women in Engineering Day, Beth Holroyd says more needs to be done before we see true equality in our own sectors.

Women in Health and Safety partners with Peoplesafe

Women in Health & Safety (WiHS) has partnered with Peoplesafe, who will be sponsoring the network to provide resource to enable it to ‘grow and thrive’.

Webinar: Women in safety, fire and security

Women in safety, fire and security: reasons for and examples of initiatives to support gender equality in our professions.

Safety Thirst – Women in Health and Safety event

In partnership with SHP, Women in Health and Safety have organised an event for safety professionals to meet and network this November. Hear more about the event below…

Upcoming webinar on supporting single parents who juggle work and family

The latest webinar from Women in Health and Safety (WIHS) will take place on 7 November with a focus on work-family life and parental care. SHP hears more from WIHS below…

‘A lot more needs to be done to support families following the death of a relative due to poor mental health’- SHP speaks to Victoria Coates

SHP speaks to Victoria Coates, HSEQ Manager at DPS Group, about the lack of conversation surrounding mental health after tragically losing her brother to suicide.

Gail Grace on how to create a confident, successful and happy work-life balance

SHP hears from Gail Grace, a work-life balance coach discussing work-life balance as a mother and having confidence in yourself in the workplace. Gail focuses on the importance of self-care and prioritising your health and well-being.

How to support women, their health and mental health in the workplace

Women in Health & Safety Network is hosting a webinar covering women’s health and mental health is and why it important. The session now available, on-demand.

Introducing… Safety Thirst!

The Women in Health & Safety Network is launching Safety Thirst, a series of informal networking events for male and female safety professionals in pubs across the UK.

Civil Service becomes largest organisation to sign Menopause Workplace Pledge

The Civil Service has signed the Menopause Workplace pledge, committing to recognise the impact of menopause and actively support women who are affected.

‘People can find it hard to recognise success in people who do things differently’

Samantha Mepham, Health and Safety Partner at Rider Levett Bucknall, discusses the challenges she has navigated as a woman in health and safety.

3 reasons a young person should consider a career in health & safety

Melissa Mark-Joyce discusses why health and safety professionals need to play their part in encouraging young people to embark on careers.

‘I like being challenged, I use it as an opportunity to learn and share my knowledge with others,’ SHP meets Shari Bowen

SHP speaks to Shari Bowen, who was named SHP’s International Rising Star in December, as part of the wider SHP Awards 2021.

Health experts share priorities for Women’s Health Strategy

Report published summarising written responses to the women’s health call for evidence from 436 organisations and experts in women’s health.

Connect with Women in Health & Safety at Safety & Health Expo

Women in Health & Safety Network to hold first in-person meet-up in two years, at London’s ExCeL.

‘It doesn’t matter if you’re female or male, have one years’ experience or 10, it’s your expertise and knowledge that people are interested in,’ SHP meets Cindy Bell

SHP speaks to Cindy Bell, who was named both SHP’s Rising Star in Manufacturing and Rising Star UK in December in the SHP Awards 2021.

Psychological health and safety and equity, diversity and inclusion – what’s the link?

An Eversheds Sutherland and Women in Health and Safety network partner event for Stress Awareness Month, taking place from 11am-12noon on Friday 22 April 2022.

‘We shouldn’t feel as though we have to diminish how we’re feeling because someone, somewhere has things worse’ – Daisy Silcock on the importance of keeping the mental health conversation alive

Daisy Silcock shares her experience dealing with mental health struggles and why this ultimately led her to start her own business. She also discusses what employers can do to help break the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace. 

Starting out in a career in health & safety

In this episode of the Safety & Health Podcast, we hear from two women at the start of their careers, speaking about their journey into health & safety and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Who is Mandy Hickson, inspirational speaker at Safety & Health Expo 2022?

Former fighter pilot Mandy Hickson joins the Inspirational Speaker line-up for Safety & Health Expo 2022, which takes place at London’s ExCeL from 17-19 May.

‘I’m a warrior, I’m quick to act and roll up my sleeves’, OneWISH – Breaking the bias for International Women’s Day

One International Women’s Day 2022, OneWISH hosted a series of webinars following the theme ‘Break the Bias’.

‘I hid the fact I was pregnant for a long time at work; I feared being replaced’, OneWISH – Breaking the bias for International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day 2022, OneWISH, hosted a series of webinars following the theme ‘Break the Bias’.

How can we overcome gender bias in the workplace?

In the final part of this mini-series, we look at what can be done within workplaces to overcome some of the issues we’ve discussed so far.

What are the challenges and advantages for women working in a male-dominated environment?

In the second part of this mini-series, we look at some of the challenges and advantages faced by women working in the profession.

Encouraging more female talent to take up a career in safety

To mark International Women’s Day 2022, Candace Francis talks about goals and ambitions and explores four ways we can inspire girls and women to see health and safety as a viable career option.

Why does gender bias and discrimination exist in the workplace?

SHP speaks to eight health & safety professionals to learn their views on why gender bias exists and hears some of their personal stories and experiences.

‘It takes more than qualifications to progress in health and safety, a lot of women lack confidence – you have to address that first’

SHP speaks to Shurene Bishop about building a unique brand, how to best go about asking for a pay-rise and her tips for building confidence.

‘It’s all about balance, yes, there are things I feel guilty about, but I prioritise in the best way I can’ – Karen Godfrey on the impact of COVID on working mums

Karen Godfrey, SHE Manager, Morgan Sindall Construction, shares her experience of juggling a career and home-schooling her children during the pandemic.

Looking beyond pregnant workers and new mothers with women’s health

Danny Clarke, Founder of Simply-People, highlights an increased need for better awareness of the various health struggles facing women in the workplace. 

Making the leap into gas

Gina Siebler shares her experiences of moving into a new industry, discussing how she overcame the challenges and how she has adapted, highlighting that a lack of experience in a specific sector, doesn’t need to be a stumbling block when progressing your career.

Women’s safety campaigners left ‘insulted’ by Home Office backing of women’s safety app

Women’s safety campaigners are calling the Home Office’s backing of an app that allows users to track their friends’ journeys home “insulting”.

Women’s wellbeing in male-dominated industries

Commerical Director at the National Federation of Builders, highlights what needs to be done to ensure significant change in workplace culture.

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