How can employers tackle loneliness?

Alex Minett, Head of Products and Markets at CHAS looks at how employers can tackle this issue as part of the wider mental health agenda. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week: SME accountancy firm encourages lonely entrepreneurs to reach out

Loneliness is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, something that a third of entrepreneurs have struggled with... Read More

Top tips for preventing loneliness at work

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place in the UK from 9-15 May, is loneliness. Here, IOSH's Ryan Exley looks at how to prevent loneliness in the workplace. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week: Loneliness in the workplace

SHP reports on a special event about overcoming loneliness in the workplace, held at The House of Lords and hosted by The Right Honourable Lord Boateng, in the build-up to Mental Health Awareness Week. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week: How to avoid loneliness when working from home

In this article, Heather Beach provides some tips on avoiding loneliness when working from home. Read More

Work-related suicide: A Women in Health & Safety webinar

Women in Health & Safety Network is set to host it's next virtual event, a webinar covering work-related suicide and the reporting data around it. The session will take place on Friday Jun 10 and is open to all, male and female, members and non-members. Read More

Plans put in place to help hospitality businesses recognise the signs of work-related stress

The Burnt Chef Project has joined forces with the Health and Safety Executive’s Working Minds campaign to tackle work-related stress in the hospitality industry. Read More

Hypnotherapy and wellbeing in the workplace

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapy trainer, international presenter and author, talks to SHP about how about how hypnotherapy approaches can be used to increase workplace wellbeing. Read More

‘Good stories can embody your ethics and way of working,’ SHP meets Tribe’s David Mansell

David Mansell, Creative Consultant at Tribe Culture Change, talks to SHP about his career in television and why he believes storytelling and safety go hand in hand. Read More

Creating a Wellbeing Committee and the benefits it can bring to your business

Mandy Kendrick, HR Manager at Hunter Safety Solutions, talks to SHP about how the introduction of several initiatives within the business, aimed to improve mental health and wellbeing of staff, has led to an increase in engagement throughout the company. Read More

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