Are money worries keeping you awake at night?

Now that the heatwave has broken, many of us are looking forward to finally getting a decent night’s kip, but for some the prospect of eight hours uninterrupted sleep remains as elusive as ever. Read More

Everton Football Club to build mental health centre

Subject to planning permission, 'The People's Place', will sit in the shadows of Everton's Goodison Park stadium. Read More

Eight in 10 employees admit observing Presenteeism in the workplace

‘Presenteeism from Mental Health alone is estimated to cost the UK economy £15.1 billion per annum, compared to £8.4 billion per annum for absenteeism.’ Read More

Physiotherapy helps Civil Nuclear Constabulary increase wellbeing and productivity

CNC aims to reduce incidents of sickness absence which resulted from musculoskeletal disorders that were caused by the nature of the its work. Read More

‘Wellbeing more than fruit on tables and exercise’

Dr Judith Grant, Associate Director, Health and Wellbeing at Mace has urged firms to approach wellbeing as "more than fruit on tables and exercise" and as a "strategic endeavour [that comes] from the top of an organisation." Read More

‘It’s sad that we have to argue a business case for wellbeing or diversity’: In conversation with Karen Jaw-Madson

Organisational expert Karen Jaw-Madson has written a new book on how to transform workplace cultures. Read More

Head over heart approach can influence board’s attitude to wellbeing, says IOSH

IOSH's Director of Business Richard Orton said that a focus on finance could prick-up Directors' ears and push the occupational health and wellbeing agenda firmly into the board room. Read More

What does wellbeing at work look like for you?

British Safety Council is running a multimedia poster competition focused on wellbeing in the workplace. Read More

Companies must start to manage wellbeing like they manage safety

Organisations need to assess the risk for wellbeing in the same manner as they currently assess the risk to safety, according to Dr Caroline Yeoman, Operations Director at OCAID Wellbeing. Read More

Half of bosses not dealing with mental ill health effectively

Nearly half of UK employers do not feel like they are dealing with mental ill health effectively, according to a new survey. Read More

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