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January 24, 2023

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The SHP Editorial Board

The SHP Editorial Board is an annual selection of EHS professionals who are selected to guide and advise on SHP’s editorial content. The panel is made up of eight individuals from an array of different verticals, each with different backgrounds, stories and knowledge.

Before the original SHP magazine turned became a digital publication in 2015, when it was the official IOSH magazine, it had a successful long-standing Editorial Board that represented its readers. Like then, our relaunched board for 2023 is a reflection of the profession and we are confident that our new panel (which we refresh annually) will serve as a valuable conduit of input for our content, ensuring we cover the most important trends and topics keeping our readers accurately informed as they make their way through the profession.

As well as advising on content, Board members are expected to contribute articles and take part in podcasts, while being on hand to field questions from the team’s Editors and freelancers, ensuring we deliver the most accurate content for our readers.

Commenting, current board member James Pomeroy at Arup says the Board exists at an interesting time for the profession. “Change is reshaping the world of safety at an ever-increasing pace,” he told SHP. “The convergence of new technologies, changes in regulation, new ways of working, along with the emergence of different thinking in safety mean that keeping updated can be a real challenge. SHP is a great way to keep up with all these changes.”

The 2024 Editorial Board

Details of the 2024 Editorial Board can be found here, which this year includes Karl Simons (OBE) as Chairman.

The 2025 Editorial Board

The Board will be refreshed annually, and we will be looking at our 2024 selection panel in November. If you would like to be considered for that intake then please email: [email protected]

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