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September 13, 2023

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‘You and Your Career’ webinar series dates released by WIHS

SHP hears from Women in Health and Safety (WIHS) as they announce an upcoming three-part webinar series called “You and Your Career”. These interactive sessions are designed to empower and inspire women in the health and safety industry to take charge of their careers and reach new heights of success.

Each webinar will explore a different aspect of career development, providing practical insights, strategies, and inspiration to help you unlock your potential and overcome hurdles that may be holding you back.

Imposter Syndrome, 28 September, 10am

Communication meetingThe first webinar of the series will be hosted on 28th September at 10am by Nicki Crayfourd – Coach & Mentor at Art of Work Solutions Ltd. Nicki will guide us through the journey of understanding and overcoming Imposter Syndrome, a phenomenon that affects many successful professionals. 

Have you ever had the feeling that you are not good enough? That nagging feeling that you’re not as good as others think you are or that you’re just one step away from being exposed as a fraud? Imagine transforming those feelings of self-doubt into something more empowering and positive that propels you towards self-growth, improved self-worth, and greater self-confidence.

During this interactive webinar, you’ll learn practical tools and strategies that will help you channel your feelings of imposter syndrome into something more positive, such as self-growth and greater self-confidence. Gain valuable tools and techniques to manage self-doubt and increase your confidence. 

Our host, Nicki Crayfourd, who, during her role at Art of Work, has seen first-hand the challenges many women continue to face in today’s workplace. Through her coaching, Nicki works to provide a safe, trusted and when necessary, challenging environment to help clients build self-awareness, clarity and focus on their coaching goals. Nicki offers a 30-minute virtual Discovery Session to potential clients, providing a chance to discuss their challenges and aspirations in an informal conversation, following which clients will receive 60-minute coaching sessions. Nicki’s clients value her breadth of professional experience in the specific sector of health, safety, environment and sustainability together with supportive coaching insights.

Register here!

The Self-Worth Revolution, 20 October, 12pm 

Women in health and safety logoAward-winning global speaker and best-selling author, Lis Cashin, will host our second webinar, focusing on the Self-Worth Revolution. Learn how to overcome self-doubt and lead with confidence in this workshop which will explore what is meant by self-worth, the difference between confidence and self-worth, why so many women struggle with knowing and asking for their worth.

You will leave this webinar with a greater insight into your own worth, ways in which a lack of self-worth may be holding you back, and some ideas of how to embrace your uniqueness, know your worth and shine in your brilliance!

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling, 10 November, 10am

In our final webinar, Dr. Shurene Bishop Simon will examine the challenge of Breaking the Glass Ceiling, as well as other barriers which impede our personal and professional growth. No matter where you are in your career journey, this webinar is designed to benefit you at every life stage.

Dr. Simon is the proud Director of Bishop Simon, a renowned Health, Safety, and Biosafety consultancy serving the biological sciences sector. Get ready to dig deep during this webinar as we explore real-life case studies, including personal stories from the presenter, as well as high-profile examples.

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By attending these webinars, you will have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, connect with industry experts, and engage in stimulating discussions with fellow professionals. If you join all three webinars, you will receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate, a testament to your commitment to personal and professional growth.

All webinars are free to attend. Register now to secure your place in this series and begin your journey towards career excellence – 

Imposter Syndrome, 28 September

The Self-Worth Revolution, 20 October

Breaking the Glass Ceiling, 10 November

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