Useful health and safety resources

As a leading provider of insights, news and reports on safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace, SHP is always looking to support its readers. Here, we have compiled a list of additional sources of information for health and safety professionals.

Health and safety associations (UK)

E-learning laptopA list of some of the key health and safety trade associations in the UK, covering government bodies, qualification & training providers and product safety bodies.

Health & safety associations (Overseas)

Some key international health and safety trade associations.

Health & safety events & exhibitions

A selection of key worldwide health and safety trade exhibitions. Visitors can expect the latest innovations from leading manufacturers, associations and thought leaders.

Health and safety careers and training

Some useful resources to develop a career in health and safety, whether looking to progress in a current role, or look for a new one.

Health and safety legislation & guidance

Comprehensive and up-to-date information from over 800 trusted sources.

Mental health and wellbeing

National and industry-specific charities and governing bodies, providing mental health and wellbeing support.

Fire associations (UK)

Vital resources and information from across the fire sector, supporting fire safety engineers, consultants, installers and contractors. Many leaders in these associations also represent the industry in government lobbying and building safety committees or legislative consultations.

Additional resources

A list of additional sources of information for health, safety and wellbeing related tropics.