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SHP (Safety & Health Practionier) is your number one source for health and safety news, opinions and stories. It meets all the content needs of a health and safety professional, with breaking industry news, in-depth features, in-court stories, legislation updates, and the latest industry products. 

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It also features a curated collection of views from the communities’ influencers, and an extensive library of eBooks and downloadable content. 

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You can scour the SHP Directory for the very latest product information and to find the health and safety companies that can meet your needs; and visit SHP4Jobs to find your next role within the profession. 

Trusted the world over, SHP is the only site you need to keep on top of the fast-moving health and safety profession. 

SHP is also the main content supporter of Safety & Health Expo, the UK’s leading event for the health and safety profession. Read more about this network of leading health and safety brands.

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