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December 13, 2018

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Women in Health an Safety Birmingham Christmas bonanza

On the 6th December, HSE Recruitment and sponsors Croner, were delighted to host this year’s Birmingham Christmas Party for the Women in Health and Safety group.

This year’s event took place at Loki Wine Edgbaston, a new and trendy wine tasting bar – and delegates were treated to an evening of networking, inspiring stories and of course – wine tasting!

Women in Health and Safety Birmingham
The evening kicked off with an introduction from Chris Rowlands, director of HSE Recruitment. He talked about our longstanding connection to the group and how much we enjoyed supporting a room full of diverse and talented professionals. After thanking our sponsors Croner, who provided this evenings food and drinks, Chris revealed HSE Recruitment’s new and exciting partnership with RoSPA – to start in January 2019, and also thanked all of our 45,000 followers and supporters on LinkedIn for a fabulous year.

With the introductions complete, the room were invited to split into small groups of 4 and 5 for the evenings main event, wine tasting! Loki provided an accomplished sommelier, Rose, who was there to lead the groups through a selection of carefully selected white and red wines, and hopefully to help us find some new favourites!

Rose started us off with a lovely Chablis, and talked us through the differences we can see in colours of wines – the lighter the colour, the more northern the climate the grapes come from. This was a great wine for summer evenings and relaxing with friends, and very drinkable!

Rose then taught us the correct way to aerate the wine – swishing the wine around our mouths and then breathing in. The more acidic the wine, the more it should coat the inside of your mouth during this process, leaving a long lasting taste – a sign of a good wine!

Women in health and safety christmas wine tasting event in Birmingham

Our second wine was a New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc – apparently the most popular wine sold in pubs across Britain. This was a full bodied wine with overtones of gooseberries – great to pair with food, and a wine to be savoured slowly. Both the whites had a lovely long finish and went down well with the group.

We then moved onto the reds – starting with a beautiful Rioja. Rose taught us the difference between a Crianza Reserva and a Gran Reserva – which is all to do with the age of a wine and how that affects the structure and taste of it.  The longer the wine is aged the higher the tannins – which helps create depth to the wine.

The last wine was a Brolo, a ripasso where they use the skins of grapes used for other wines in a second fermentation process, adding a multitude of flavours and a strong and satisfying taste.

The Rioja proved to be the favourite of the evening, with a number of our delegates choosing to take some bottles home (ostensibly for Christmas – but we aren’t sure if we believed them!)

While the wine tasting was going on, we grabbed individuals to ask them on camera to tell us a bit more about them, their struggles, and the things they have most been proud of during their careers. With such a wealth of experience in the room, it was great to hear from some new people, all offering some true insights that could be highly valuable for those starting out, and even those established in the safety community.  You can check some of these out in our video highlights reel below.

After some fantastic networking in the main room, business cards were exchanged, Christmas jumpers were complemented, wine flowed and we took advantage of the wonderful charcuterie on offer.

It was truly great to see so many high profile and inspirational women (and men) in one room, and we hope that everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with their peers and let their hair down for an evening!

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Love HSE Recruitment & Croner xx


Find out more about Women in Health and Safety on the Women in Health and Safety hub page.

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