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October 3, 2023

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The SHP Awards

The SHP Awards celebrate the achievements of the brightest and most passionate health & safety professionals. From young, up-and-coming rising stars and leaders of tomorrow, to our most seasoned, influential ambassadors, and trailblazers making a positive impact in safety, health and wellbeing.

The awards, this year in collaboration with HSE Recruitment Network, take place annually and are free to enter, with nominations reviewed by an independent panel of judges.

There are a trio of standalone categories. They are:

  • Most Influential
  • Rising Stars
  • Trailblazers

Launched by SHP in 2017, the Most Influential award continues to be one of the highest accolades and most coveted award in the profession today. ecognise the people who have the biggest, positive impact on health and safety in the UK, making a difference not just to their own organisation but to the wider profession or society. Each year SHP publishes an unranked list of the most influential individuals, as well as one stand-out winner. The final say is determined by the independent judging panel and public vote.

2023 Most Influential Individuals in Health & Safety

Steven Harris, Current holder of Most Influential

2023 – Steven Harris, Managing Director, Integrity HSE

“Steve is a values-driven force of nature in the world of health and safety and I am sure he does lots more that I am not aware of…but I can assure you that he deserves this nomination and every piece of recognition that comes with it.” The words to support Harris’ original nomination recognise a professional who heavily supports and contributes to the wider sector but is happy to stay below than radar rather than shout about his (many) achievements.

See the full list of 2023’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here. Congratulations to everyone who has made this year’s list.

Previous Most Influential winners:

2022 – Alan Trueman, Head of SHE at CityFibre: Alan was recognised for the huge impact he made on the telecoms sector. It’s a vertical that until recently had no safety standards, however through the SHIFT working group, which Alan set-up and has faciliatted, the sector now has a recognised set of standards. The working group fosters collaboration among its members who share best practice and improve telecom’s safety credentials. See the full list of 2022’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here.

2021 – Dr Maevis Nye, Campaigner for asbestos awareness and removal: Dr Mavis Nye sadly passed away in November 2023. She lived with Mesothelioma and since her diagnosis spent her life campaigning for asbestos awareness and removal. Maevis was described as a ‘tour de force, and an absolute dynamo for Asbestos Awareness’. Asbestos is one of the largest causes of occupational death in the UK and from a standing start, with no formal training in the field, she became a touchstone for the victims across the globe. See the full list of 2021’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here.

2020 – Hilda Palmer, Campaigner and Facilitator, Families Against Corporate Killers: Hilda helps families get justice and answers after their loved ones are killed at work. She is a tireless campaigner, highlighting the failures of employers, ineffective enforcement, continuing excessive deregulation, toxic workplaces, workplace stress and many other health and safety issues that are causing injury, ill-health and deaths at work. Hilda has played a key role in supporting trade unions to challenge government and regulators. See the full list of 2020’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here.

2019 – Karl Simons, Chief Health, Safety & Security Officer, Thames Water: Readers voted Karl Simons Most Influential for many reasons, but most of all for: his work to challenge stigma around mental ill health; embracing technology innovation; positively influencing and supporting others; and shaping the future of the profession. Voters described Karl as ‘an inspiration’. See the full list of 2019’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here

2018 – Louise Taggart, Founder, Michael’s Story: Louise won the award for tirelessly sharing the story of her younger brother, and his preventable fatality at work, in order to prevent more lives being lost. Voters described the huge impact she had on them, making them feel empowered and inspired. One voter said: “She has now proactively saved hundreds of lives since her brother’s passing – that is a certainty.” See the full list of 2018’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here

2017 – John Green, Director of HSE, Laing O’Rourke: Voters made John Green their winner for his proactively promoting his ‘Safety Differently’ message, questioning a climate of paperwork, double-checking everything and ‘compliance’ that has little real impact. John was described as a tireless campaigner for improving the practice and reputation of health and safety in the UK. See the full list of 2017’s Most Influential individuals in health & safety here

Launched by SHP in 2015, and aimed at those under the age of 30, Rising Stars commends young health & safety professionals showing drive and determination in the early stages of their careers.

Jake Newell, said that being named SHP’s Rising Star for 2022 has had a positive impact. “Winning the award has really helped to boost my confidence and I’m really grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity.”

2023 Rising Stars

  • Samantha Cartwright, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor, Luton Airport – Winner
  • Alanah Campbell, EHS Advisor, West Fraser – Highly Commended
  • Courtney Bayne, Health and Safety Advisor, Dundee City Council – Highly Commended

Previous Rising Star winners:



  • Cindy Bell – SHE Advisor at Greggs – Rising Star UK and Rising Star in Manufacturing
  • Jessica Collings – Health and Safety Officer at Great British Communications Ltd – Rising Star in Construction
  • Shari Bowen – HSSE Officer at Massy Distribution Ltd – Rising Star International
  • See the full list of finalists here


  • Lucilla Cummings – HSE Improvement Specialist, Travis Perkins PLC – Rising Star UK
  • Samantha Watts – EHS Specialist, PepsiCo – Rising Star in Manufacturing
  • Matt Durant – Training Ltd Managing Director, BAM Construction – Rising Star in Construction
  • See the full list of finalists here


  • Robert Jukes – HSE Manager, Wax Lyrical – Rising Star in Manufacturing and Rising Star UK
  • Toby Cook – Health, Safety & Wellbeing Trainee, Lanes Group – Rising Star in Utilities
  • Brett Edkins – Health & Safety Manager, Grangewood – Rising Star in Construction
  • Molly Gill – Trainee Health & Safety Officer, Leeds City College – Rising Star in Wellbeing
  • Elizabeth Joseph – Assistant Designated Person Ashore, Shell Int. Trading & Shipping Co. – Rising Star in Transport
  • Cynthia Maua – Environment Health & Safety Officer, PTC seconded to Kenya Breweries Ltd – Rising Star International
  • Carl Morgan – Health and Safety Advisor, EDF – Winner, Rising Star in Innovation
  • See the full list of finalists here


  • Jyssica Murphy – Health & Safety Advisor, Torus – Winner, Rising Star UK
  • Sanjay Rajasekaran – Group Safety & Health Manager at Tata Sons Ltd – Winner, Rising Star International
  • See the full list of finalists here


  • Jamie Sutherland-Pownall – Senior Safety Specialist, Sellafield Ltd. – Winner, Rising Star UK
  • Emmanuel Uwalaka – Health and Safety Administrator, OSHAssociation – Winner, Rising Star International
  • See the full list of finalists here


Fantastic opportunity

Laura Aucott of HSE Recruitment Network, supporter of the SHP Awards

Being recognized as a recipient or contender in the SHP Awards 2023 comes with a fantastic opportunity. You’ll have the privilege of participating in an exclusive, one on one, tailor-made workshop with Laura Aucott, the Associate Director of HSE Recruitment. These workshops are designed to align precisely with your unique needs, providing either an extensive career counselling and CV improvement session, or a workshop session focusing on enhancing your personal brand and optimizing your LinkedIn presence. The ultimate goal? Elevating your market worth to new heights.

Launched in 2020, the SHP Trailblazer in health and safety aims to celebrate innovation; a professional who has found a solution, having identified an issue or problem within their workplace. Previous winners have demonstrated an ability to see an idea from conception to implementation and able to take communicate its benefits to stakeholders and create buy-in.

Last year’s winner, Matt Hall, was crowned for rolling out an accurate fit test programme of new face masks at the Royal Free London hospital at the beginnning of the pandemic.

2023 Trailblazers

  • Marcin Nazaruk, Learning from Normal Work – Winner
  • Shonagh Methven, United Response – Highly Commended
  • Judith Robertson Enhanced Support Area Teacher, Craigie High School, Dundee – Finalist
  • Dr Shelley Stiles, Director, Gateway HSW Consultants – Finalist

Previous winners:


  • Matt Hall, Head of Health & Safety for Royal Free London NHS, Trailblazer in Health & Safety
  • Fiona O’Donnell, Group HSE Strategy Lead, Jacobs, Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing
  • Stephanie Berwick, Group ESG Strategy Lead, Chevron Group, Trailblazer in ESG




Meet the 2023 judges

The judges for 2023 are made up of a mix of people from multiple sectors and including previous SHP Award winners, SHP editors and members of our editorial board.


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