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Ian joined Informa (formerly UBM) in 2018 as the Editor of Safety & Health Practitioner. Ian studied journalism at university before spending seven years in online fantasy gaming. Prior to moving to Informa, Ian worked in business to business trade print media, in the automotive sector. He was Online Editor and then moved on to be the Editor of two publications aimed at independent automotive technicians and parts distributors.
October 7, 2019

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Arco Innovation Award

Safety expert launches Arco Innovation Award 2019

To drive innovation in the health and safety sector, Arco, the safety products and professional safety services provider, is launching the Arco Innovation Award in a bid to help solve longstanding health and safety challenges facing the industry.

Looking to bring innovative and disruptive solutions to market faster, the Arco Innovation Award is open to progressive start-ups offering forward-thinking solutions applicable to the health and safety market.

A specialist agency will identify 36 start-ups who will go through a detailed assessment and be scored on their ability to execute their plan, their market positioning, commercial trend, technology and execution and their market appetite for the solution put forward. The shortlisted finalists will present their innovations to a carefully selected panel of judges.

The finalists were split into categories and SHP published full detauils on each. See the first batch, in the Software & AI solutions and AR, VR & MR categories, here. Click here to view the second batch of finalists, in the ergonomics and wearable technology categories. Click here to view the final batch, in the Robots and Cobots, Drones and Proximity Detection categories.

In January 2020, the judging panel narrowed the 36 entries down to five finalists, which were as follows:

  • Nxtbase – An assisted reality solution platform that allows production, logistics and services to be voice controlled and visually guided through wearables.
  • MotionMiners – an automated analytics tool for manual logistics processes. It collects data about worker ergonomics, then uses this data to analyse manual work processes.
  • Sonodot – An indoor location-tracking system for assets and workers in warehouses. It develops ultrasound sensors for the real-time tracking of people and assets.
  • Terracom – Software to manage security personnel that enables clients to visualise, analyse and monitor all security operations (QR-Patrol).
  • Wandelbots – A wearable sensor-laden suit that a person can wear to demonstrate actions for a robot to replicate.

Each of the ‘final five’ will pitch thier innovations to the panel in London on January 22, before the readers of SHP and the panel vote to decide the winner.

As part of the launch, SHP visited Arco’s Headquarters in Hull to sit down with Director of Marketing, Adam Young. In this short video, Adam talks about the competition and explains how it will work.

Adam Young said: “Innovative solutions are already making a huge difference to various sectors but are yet to find a niche within the Health and Safety industry. The ‘Arco Innovation Award’ is a brand new initiative looking to reward start-ups who are forward thinking in their approach to safety, health and wellbeing solutions. This is a fantastic platform to enable start-ups to scale-up and get a route to market quickly, while also enabling our customers to find the right solution more easily.”

Click here to read the full interview with Adam Young.

Sonodot announced as winner of Arco Innovation Award

The demonstration day is finished, the judges have deliberated, you the readers have chosen and all votes have been counted. After an exciting process that saw 36 of the best new start-up companies in health and safety technology shortlisted to five, the winner of Arco’s Innovation Award has been selected.

Vote for your Arco Innovation Award winner for 2019

The final five start-ups of the Arco Innovation Award have been selected and announced. It’s now time to look ahead to the demonstration day – one of the final elements of the judgement process.

Arco announces five finalists for its Innovation Award 2019

The five finalists for 2019 Arco Innovation Award have been announced, as decided by the judging panel.

Robots and Cobots, Drones and Proximity Detection

In the field of occupational health, technology that can automatically keep humans safe from potentially high-risk workplace scenarios is transformative. Better still, technology that takes this one step further and completely removes the need for a human even to be present in these kind of situations is the very definition of lifesaving.

Arco Innovation Award: Meet the finalists, part 3

The third and final batch of Arco Innovation Award finalists, in the Robots and Cobots, Drones and Proximity Detection categories, has been announced.

Ergonomics and wearables in safety

The advent of differing types of ergonomic PPE and wearable technology, designed to keep workers safe, has seen an increase of new products coming into the market.

Arco Innovation Award: Meet the finalists, part 2

The second batch of Arco Innovation Award finalists, in the ergonomics and wearable technology categories, has been announced.

Intelligence and reality in safety

AI, AR, MR, VR. Although similar sounding, each acronym refers to a different and distinct form of technology and they

Arco Innovation Award: Meet the finalists, part 1

The first batch of Arco Innovation Award finalists, in the Software & AI solutions and AR, VR & MR categories, has been announced.

Using technology to reduce occupational risk

Technology is being used more frequently for carrying out repair and maintenance work has become more common.

Technology in health & safety, what does the future hold?

Developments such as virtual reality simulations and the internet of things are already making work safer, but they are just the start.

Arco Innovation Award 2019, Meet the judges

Discover more about the panel of judges that has been assembled to peruse over the shortlisted finalists of the recently launched Arco Innovation Award.

Arco Innovation Award 2019; SHP Meets Arco Director of Marketing, Adam Young

To drive innovation in the health and safety sector, Arco is launching the Arco Innovation Award in a bid to help solve longstanding health and safety challenges facing the industry.

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