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February 10, 2020

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Arco Innovation Award

Vote for your Arco Innovation Award winner for 2019

The final five start-ups of the Arco Innovation Award recently pitched their products to the judges at the demonstration day. Now it’s time to have your say…

Judging panel

Taking place in central London on Wednesday 22 January, the demonstration day gave the five finalists the chance to present their innovative solutions to a panel of select judges. Judges were tasked with finding the solution that seeks to resolve longstanding health and safety challenges with disruptive and forward-thinking technology.

But the final decision on the winner of Arco’s ‘Innovation Award’ won’t just come from the panel of judges. It’s now up to you, as readers of SHP, to help the judges with their difficult decision and choose your favourite start-up from the five finalists.

The winner will be announced once the votes of SHP readers and the panel of judges have been counted. The winner will feature on both Arco’s website and catalogue, while receiving support from Arco’s specialist sales team – the largest in the UK. This will give the winner a potential to reach more than 100,000 businesses across Arco’s extensive customer base.

Watch our highlights of the day here:

To recap, the five finalists are:

Terracom (Software and AI solutions)

A software to manage security personnel that enables clients to visualise, analyse and monitor all security operations (QR-Patrol). Another principal product is MyLoneWorkers, which is designed to address safety issues faced by isolated workers. A real-time and online monitoring system designed to enable companies to protect and monitor lone workers through the use of a mobile app and/or website.

Sonodot (Proximity Detection)

An indoor location-tracking system for assets and workers. It uses ultrasound sensors to provide services such as forklift tracking and 24/7 visibility of high-value assets. The solution includes a software platform to analyse operational performance and make recommendations to optimise equipment use and avoid accidents. This allows faciality managers to make better decisions around safety, human labour and fleet utilisation.

Nxtbase (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality solutions)

Nxtbase develops an assisted reality solution that combines a propriety software platform with smart glasses and watchers, enabling workers to follow and validate processes, and also receive instructions form their enterprise resources planning software. NxtBase also offers an all-in-one case containing a tablet, hard drives and wearables to be used on premises.

MotionMiners (Ergonomics)

Motion Minders creates tools to analyse manual processes in manufacturing and logistics. The company develops wearable sensors and combines them with Bluetooth geolocation technology to collect data on ergonomics and workflows. The predetermined KPIs are then analysed using machine learning technology, and areas of improvement are detected.

Wandelbots (Robots and Cobots)

Wandelbots has developed TracePen, a sensor-equipped handheld tool which captures human motion in the workspace to demonstrate actions for a robot to replicate. The solution enables non-programmers and non-technical experts to teach industrial robots easily and quickly. This enables the programming of any robot 20x faster and 10x cheaper – in about 30 minutes – without any programming experience. Waldelbots has also developed a wearable sensor-laden suit that applies the same technology.

Voting has now closed.

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