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January 13, 2020

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Arco Innovation Award

Arco announces five finalists for its Innovation Award 2019

The five finalists for 2019 Arco Innovation Award have been announced, as decided by the judging panel.

thoughtThe Arco Innovation Award, which launched earlier this year, is a competition designed for start-ups developing disruptive solutions applicable to the health and safety market. Shortlisted from a selection of 36 start-ups, the finalists are as follows:

  • Nxtbase – An assisted reality solution platform that allows production, logistics and services to be voice controlled and visually guided through wearables.
  • MotionMiners – an automated analytics tool for manual logistics processes. It collects data about worker ergonomics, then uses this data to analyse manual work processes.
  • Sonodot – An indoor location-tracking system for assets and workers in warehouses. It develops ultrasound sensors for the real-time tracking of people and assets.
  • Terracom – Software to manage security personnel that enables clients to visualise, analyse and monitor all security operations (QR-Patrol).
  • Wandelbots – A wearable sensor-laden suit that a person can wear to demonstrate actions for a robot to replicate.

The finalists were split into categories and SHP published full detauils on each. See the first batch, in the Software & AI solutions and AR, VR & MR categories, here. Click here to view the second batch of finalists, in the ergonomics and wearable technology categories. Click here to view the final batch, in the Robots and Cobots, Drones and Proximity Detection categories.

Later this month, the finalists will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions to a panel of expert judges in London. Afterwards, the judges and readers of SHP will vote on their favourite start-up. The winner will be featured in Arco’s product catalogue and on its website. It will also be supported by Arco’s specialist sales team, providing access to a potential customer base of 100,000 businesses across the UK.

Adam Young, Director of Marketing at Arco, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the forward-thinking and innovative technology that all these start-ups can offer the health and safety market. It has been incredibly difficult for us to narrow things down to merely five finalists from such an impressive list of entries, but we’re now very excited to progress on to the next stage.”

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