SHP Awards 2023

SHP’s Most Influential in Health & Safety Winner: Steve Harris on the importance of being a values-driven OSH professional

The Managing Director of Integrity HSE won the Most Influential category at the SHP Awards in December 2023. He speaks to SHP about how he was drawn to OSH because he wanted to create a fair and just world. Read More

SHP’s Highly Commended Trailblazer in Health & Safety: Dr Shelley Stiles on her ‘Choose the Safe Path’ training innovation

The partner director at Gateway HSW Consultants developed a bespoke and interactive training solution for a client that resulted in more than a 50% reduction in the number of falling object incidents over 12 months. Read More

Trailblazer in Health & Safety Winner: Dr Marcin Nazaruk on how to apply LFNW in practice

The winner of SHP's Trailblazer in Health and Safety Award 2023 talks to us about the Learning from Normal Work approach and how its tools and techniques can help companies proactively identify accident precursors. Read More

Rising Star Winner: Samantha Cartwright on wellbeing and making a positive difference

From a seven-year-old alone in her room, feeling isolated and not understanding herself to driving change in the wellbeing sector and having a positive impact on all employees - meet the woman using her own experience to help others not struggle in silence as she did. Read More

Winner announced for SHP’s Rising Star award

The SHP Awards judging panel has selected a Winner and Highly Commended for SHP’s Rising Star 2023 award - let's take a look! Read More

SHP’s Most Influential list announced

Following your nominations we've produced a list of 2023's Most Influential people in the profession, and as difficult as it may seem, we would like you to choose a winner! Read More

What does it take to be the Most Influential?

To help potential entrants with their nominations for this year's SHP Awards, we're revisiting profiles of last year's winners and finalists to give you a taste of what's required. This week we look back at last year's Most Influential person in health and Safety, Alan Trueman, and look at some of the comments that supported his nomination. Read More

HSE Recruitment Network and SHP announce 2023 awards collaboration

HSE Recruitment Network revealed as main sponsor and partner of the 2023 SHP Awards. Read More

The SHP Awards

The SHP Awards celebrate the achievements of the brightest and most passionate health & safety professionals. From young, up-and-coming rising stars and leaders of tomorrow, to our most seasoned, influential ambassadors, and trailblazers making a positive impact in safety, health and wellbeing. Read More

SHP Rising Star Awards 2023

Launched by SHP in 2015, the Rising Star Award is free to enter and open to anyone aged 30 and under. Read More

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