December 13, 2022

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“A true ambassador for his field” – Alan Trueman named SHP’s Most Influential person in health and safety for 2022

SHP has announced the list of the most influential people in health and safety, recognising Alan Trueman as 2022’s ‘Most Influential’ for driving change in the telecoms sector.

Alan Trueman, Head of SHE at CityFibre, created and spearheads the Safety & Health in Fibre Telecoms (SHiFT) working group which brings together professionals who seek a consistent approach to safety, health and wellbeing in telecoms.

The sector is a vertical that has no agreed safety standards and through the group Alan has helped to create a set of standards now recognised across the industry. Futhermore, he has forged a group that collaborates on shared learnings and is confident in presenting failure to ultimately create best practices. His leadership and guidance have created a pool of professionals who thrive in supporting each other in their work.

On learning of his success, Alan told SHP:

“I was humbled to have been nominated amongst such a stellar cast of my peers, but to have won has absolutely blown me away. First of all, massive congratulations to everyone who was nominated. I know that safety professionals do not do what they do for recognition, but having read the stories behind the nominations, I feel that they were very much deserved and I hope the profile helps further each of your causes.

“With regards to my award, I can only attribute it to having an amazing support network around me, both in CityFibre and within the collective of organisations that represent SHiFT Group. Thanks to those people in the safety team who provide support on a day to day basis, whose hard work enables me to collaborate to innovate in the interests of safety with our peers in other organisations who are working hard to install full fibre and realise its benefits across the UK.

“With this award, I will kick on in 2023 to ensure that safety remains high on the agenda during the challenging full fibre rollout and that SHiFT Group uses the power of its collective commitment to drive safety standards.”

Click here for the full list of the most influential people in health and safety for 2022

SHP Most Influential is brought to you as part of the wider SHP Awards which, for 2022, is in collaboration with Shirley Parsons, HSEQ talent experts.

Previous winners include Mavis Nye, in 2021 Hilda Palmer, in 2020, Karl Simons, in 2019, Louise Taggart, in 2018 and John Green, in 2017.

Below is a selection of comments from those who voted for Alan as their Most Influential Individual in Health & Safety for 2022.

“This man has gone above and beyond in his field and deserves recognition for all that he has done for the telecoms industry to secure the future of communications around the country.”

“Forward thinking in creating the SHiFT group.”

“A positive influence to all around him, with his positive thoughts and actions.”

“By pioneering the SHIFT group, he has shown leadership in changing narratives to a more positive health and safety in the telecoms sector.”

“He is passionate and this comes across in everything he does.”

“Alan is a hard working, determined and driven person and always does the right thing. He always goes above and beyond to deliver.”

“Alan has the passion and ability to influence any organisation he is involved with.”

“Having initiated the SHiFT group and pledging endless hours and resource into not just improves our contribution to improving health and safety but also actively contributing to improving health and safety for the industry as a whole. A true ambassador for his field.”

“Transforming the Safety Culture at CityFibre but in his creation of the SHIFT group he has influenced how we as a sector work to a higher safety standard.”

“Alan has brought a fresh approach to the safety culture in telecoms. Not just by organising the SHiFT group but in his views on the reasons behind incidents and the nuances in behaviour that are behind the causes. It has shifted us to an organisation that looks at changing behaviour that leads to a much more sustainably safe environment.”

“Alan has created a movement in the telecoms industry which is creating awareness and discussions around Health and safety. Before him there was no coordinated group across the various telecom companies, there was a real premature environment with little collaboration. Alan really changed that with his SHIFT group, and I believe his and the group’s efforts will create real change and development in the telecommunications industry.”

“He is an expert and shares his knowledge with those who may not have the resources. He is an example for what we all should be as safety professionals. Sharing our skills to create a safer world.”

“This new growth industry has had no industry agreed safety standards, so Alan and other like minded individuals have created a safety body that now represents the telecom industry and recognised by OFCOM, HSE, DCMS. An amazing achievement.”

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