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May 19, 2022

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Safety & Health Expo 2022

Live updates from Safety & Health Expo 2022

Day 3 – Thursday 19 May

16:30 See you in 2023

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16:00 Thanks for coming

12:00 Louis Theroux takes to the stage

The BAFTA-winning presenter of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…, and LA Stories discussed communicating effectively, working in hostile and volatile environments, and health and wellbeing, with SHP Editor, Ian Hart.

Read a report from the session, here.

Louis Theroux at Safety & Health Expo 2022

10:30 Cultural approach to wellbeing

Heather Beach at Safety & Health Expo 2022This interactive workshop held by Heather Beach, who has worked with numerous UK and increasingly global organisations on their organisational strategies and training needs, invited delegates to consider the following:
• The journey corporate wellbeing is on – where has it come from and what are the next steps?
• How can traditional health and safety skills help when it comes to organisational wellbeing?
• Bottom up or top down? Where is your strategy focused?
• Involving your CEO and your SMT – what are the levers and why should you?
• Engaging with your HR team – who does what?

10:00 Doors open for the third and final day

We can’t wait to see you at ExCeL today.

Click here for your day 3 highlights, which include a keynote Speaker session with Louis Theroux, who will sit down with SHP Editor Ian Hart to talk about how his communication skills are transferrable to the safety profession, his thoughts on risk, health & wellbeing and he will share insightful stories from his vast ranging experience as a TV journalist. Louis will take to the stage in the Keynote Theatre at 12:00.

Day 2 – Wednesday 18 May

14:00 Women in Health & Safety Network comes together in-person

An incredible turnout for network’s annual meet-up, for the first time in three years, giving committee members and non-members alike, the chance to get together and share experiences expand their network and explore mentoring opportunities.

Women in health & safety1

12:45 – Rebranding Safety LIVE: safety and its identity crisis

Rebranding SafetyIn this live episode of Rebranding Safety, host and guests explored, What is a Health & Safety professional in the modern age? What are the skills of a modern Health & Safety professional?

“Is safety narcissistic? The Rebranding Safely podcast team ask all the big questions.”

12:00 – Fabulous SHP Rising Stars session in the Networking Forum

SHP Editor Ian Hart: ‘Absolutely brilliant to meet so many of the SHP Rising Stars at this afternoon. Huge thanks to all of the 2020 and 2021 Rising  Stars finalists for attending our sponsors Shirley Parsons and to Karl Simons for putting the event together.’

Rising Stars


11:15 Inspirational keynote Mandy Hickson takes to the stage

Mandy shared lessons learned from serving in a front line Tornado GR4 and provided. Vivid insight into the leadership, teamwork and communication required to define and then realise specific goals in high-pressure situations.

Click here to read more…

Mandy Hickson

10:30 – Handling and managing the immediate aftermath of a serious incident

Melvin SandellMelvin Sandell, Senior Consultant at Finch Consulting Ltd and Julia Thomas, Joint Head at Finch Legal, discussed how organisations handle and manage the immediate aftermath of a serious incident can have a huge impact on how the public, the regulator and courts judge them.

The pair talked about how to reduce the likelihood of immediate enforcement action, reduce FFI, manage corporate reputations and how to manage the regulatory investigation to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Day 1 – Tuesday 17 May

15:45 – Insights into the importance of coaching and mentoring for the future HSE & Risk professional

Grant ThompsonThe session delved into safety leadership, developing others & key skills. Based on mentorship case studies from international experience.

“If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected, so it’s really important we work with organisations on crisis management and business continuity,” said Grant Thompson, Global EHS Lead at Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group.

14:15 – The application of the Definitive Sentencing Guideline

In 2021 Northampton Crown Court fined WH Malcolm Ltd £6.5m. An 11 year old boy and his with friends had entered a freight terminal where he climbed on top of a train and suffered a fatal electric shock. The judgement is an excellent illustration of the application of the Definitive Sentencing Guideline to a set of facts and led to the largest Health and Safety fine in 20 years. In this presentation David Travers QC, Barrister at Gough Square Chambers, addressed the recent record fines in Health & Safety and Environmental cases and what those who manage safety within a business can learn from the courts approach.

David Travers QC

14:15 – Hypnotherapy and workplace wellbeing

“1 in 3 small businesses in the UK said mental health has declined in the last three years. 1 in 4 surveyed said they have a mental health condition. Hypnotherapy can help keep people in the workplace,” says Dr Kate Beaven-Marks.

This presentation explored how hypnotherapy approaches help boost workplace wellbeing. It started by exploring the facts and fiction of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and moved on to consider some of the powerful psychological and physiological benefits of hypnosis, supported by key research…

Click here to read more.

13:30 – Stress risk assessments at work

“We have to tackle and do what we can to protect people’s mental health,” says HSE’s Senior Psychologist Peter Kelly.

12:30 – How To Expect The Unexpected: Mental Health Crises Recognition

Hugo Metcalfe

How can we tell when people are struggling at work? What are the initial steps we can take to offer support, stop things from getting worse and keep people safe? How can we cultivate workplace cultures that encourage greater resilience, motivation and performance? Learn how to recognise and respond to a Mental Health crisis. In this session you will learn techniques and communication strategies to approach and support individuals who are struggling.

“If an organisation has 500 employees, then 30 of them will have a generalised anxiety disorder,” says Hugo Metcalfe, Co-Founder of the Happy Mind Tribe.

11:15 – Meeting the future: Risk management in uncertain times

As we emerge from the pandemic, organisations and industry have been through a period of change that has put risk management front and centre of business strategy. The rate of change in the work environment over the next decade will continue to accelerate as economic and environmental factors drive change across different industries and introduce new challenges, risks and ways of working.

The Robens report – which paved the way for the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – has “stood the test of time” said HSE Director of Regulation, Philip White.

Click here to read more…

10:30 – Harnessing the power of social sustainability

Louise Hosking

In the opening session of Safety & Health Expo, IOSH president Louise Hosking explored how the health and safety profession can support organisations to shape sustainable business models by putting their people first.

“The way we work is shifting,” says IOSH president Louise Hosking. “There is a global skills crisis and the manner in which we retain our talent has become more critical than ever. We know people coming into the workforce are now asking questions about how that organisation operates, how they treat their staff, and how they look after their staff’s wellbeing.”

Click here for more…

Louise Hostking

10:00 – The doors are open for Safety & Health Expo 2022

SHE 2022 Show opening Chris Edwards and Errol Taylor

Chris Edwards, Event Director, and Errol Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), open the show for 2022.

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