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November 12, 2019

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In court

Top 5 most read in October 2019

The most read fines and prosecution articles in October 2019 includes, a £2.6m fine to DHL after a worker was killed by a stack of tyres, and an explosion at Celsa steelworks resulting in a £1.8m fine after two workers die.

For more on the stories mentioned in the video, click on the headlines below:

DHL fined £2.6m after worker killed.

Celsa fined £1.8m after explosion killed two workers.

Bus company and council fined after passenger death.

Passers-by injured by a falling tree.

Electrician sentenced 12 months for deadly gas work.

You can watch the most read in September 2019, or catch up on the most read in August 2019.

For more in court stories, click here.

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1 year ago

It seems the HSE are more interested in fine income, prosecution after the fact, than prevention. An uncontrolled release of highly toxic corrosive gas in a University gets a response to the Trades Union safety rep reporting the dangerous occurrence that is simply dismissive, and management still claim to be over burdened with elfin n safety?