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October 11, 2019

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Top 5 most read in September 2019

The most read fines and prosecution articles in September 2019 includes, a 12 months sentence to a landscaping Director after being responsible for a worker’s arm getting impaled, and £100,000 fine to Dacorum Borough Council for a HAVS case.

For more on the stories mentioned in the video, click on the headlines below:

Landscaping Director sentenced to 12 months.

Dacorum Borough Council fined £100,000 for HAVS case.

Employee killed by falling wooden bearer.

£53k fine after roofer fell from ladder and died.

Steel manufacturer fined £9,400 after worker fell from lorry.

You can watch the most read in August 2019, or catch up on the most read in July 2019.

For more in court stories, click here.

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