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September 13, 2019

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In court

Top 5 most read in August 2019

The most read fines and prosecution articles in August 2019 includes a £1M fine for Clancy Docwra after a worker was killed, and a six-month imprisonment sentence after an engineer committed fraud.

For more on the stories mentioned in the video, click on the headlines below:

Clancy Docwra was fined £1 for failing to ensure the safety of its employees.

Concrete company fined after welder loses four fingers.

Engineering firm pleads guilty for failing to safeguard machine.

A building company and its director fined for Gas work negligence.

Aircraft engineer sentenced for lying about exams.

You can watch the most read in July 2019, or catch up on the most read in June 2019.

For more in court stories, click here.

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