Health and safety resources and ebooks

Whitepapers and eBooks: continuing professional development (CPD)

A big part of a health and safety professional’s role in any organisation is to ensure that the company is staying compliant with health and safety legislation and regulation.

There are different ways of tackling this, with the health and safety culture playing a big part in our organisations behave, and how their employees behave as well.

To help you understand different ideas put forward by leaders in the profession, as well as in-depth guides on the changing legislation and guidance for health and safety professionals, our selection of ebooks, whitepapers, and resources will help you stay compliant and give you ideas about how to influence and persuade your workforce.

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legislation-update-october-2016Our latest download

The health and safety legislation and guidance updates for October 2016 have arrived courtesy of Barbour EHS.

Being prepared for legislative changes is vital in your role as a health and safety practitioner. This document will help you understand which changes are coming in, how they might affect you and your company, and can ensure that you help communicate these changes effectively.

To find out the latest changes that have come into effect, including a look back on the last six months of sentencing guidelines, download your copy of the legislation update for October 2016 today.

compliance-to-engagement-imageCPD thought pieces: from compliance to engagement

This selection of key CPD thought pieces from Safety & Health Expo 2016 takes the reader through inspirational and engaging ideas put forward at the UK’s biggest event for health and safety professionals.

Dive into this free eBook to read articles from the likes of John Green, Steve Perkins, Anna Keen, Rob Strange, Emma Head, Caroline Binns and more.

Download your copy of From Compliance to Engagement: key thought pieces from Safety & Health Expo


Your guide to the updated BS8484 – lone worker services

bs8484-guideWith an estimated 6.8 million lone workers in the UK, it’s vital that companies are up-to-date with the latest legislation and guidance on how to protect those working alone.

Lone workers encompass everyone from mobile workers away from a fixed base, to those who work from home.

BS8484 – a benchmark standard for those who provide lone worker services was reviewed in 2016.

This guide, written by Peoplesafe, highlights important elements of the updated standard.

Download your guide to the updated BS8484 standard.

smart buildings front coverProtecting London: a smart building case study 

This exclusive look at a smart building case study provides health, safety and facilities managers with an in-depth insight into how one of the ‘smartest’ buildings in the UK came to be.

UBM, the company that delivers SHP and Safety & Health Expo, moved into its headquarters last year as the anchor tenant for the building. The head of facilities management for the building discuss what the problems were in terms of using new technology, access for restricted mobility and techniques use to slash waste.

Download your copy of the smart building case study.


ReportSHP State of the Industry Survey results

What does the average health and safety professional earn? What is the gender split in the profession? What are your peers focusing on this year?

In February this year, SHP ran its first State of the Industry Survey to find out the answers to all these questions and more.

Over 1,200 people responded to the survey allowing us to draw up a comprehensive picture of the state of the health and safety profession in 2016.

Download your copy of the state of the industry survey to find out the answers. 

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