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Webinar: The Protect Duty, ‘Martyn’s Law’ bill – a risk management perspective

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A lot has happened since the 2017 Manchester Arena attack, when 22 people sadly lost their lives. Fast forwarding to today, we have the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) draft bill.

Terrorism (Protection of Premises) more commonly known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, is a bill pending UK wide legislation that will place legal requirements on those responsible for publicly accessible locations and events, to consider the threat from terrorism and implement appropriate mitigation measures.

This webinar will discuss what organisations need to consider to be compliant, including organisations who will already have considered terrorism as part of their risk profile and organisations that now come into scope.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Gain insight into what Martyn’s Law will mean for your organisation.
  • Learn what an in scope (qualifying) public premises is, and the difference between standard vs. enhanced duty premises.
  • Understand why the bill has been drafted and the potential associated enforcements and penalties.
  • Have a better understanding of evaluation and assessment of terrorism risk (assessments and training).
  • Hear about the implications of the bill from an insurer’s perspective.

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Adam Clarke | Managing Director (Consulting) | Praxis42

Adam began his career in Occupational Health and Safety as an apprentice and is now leading a successful consultancy. Adam’s wealth of knowledge and experience comes from working across a diverse range of industries, and he continues to seek new ways to improve health and wellbeing, empowering ownership of risk and utilising technology to make compliance easy.

Ben Harris | Director | BlockPhish

Ben served a full 22-year military career, of which 16 years were spent in United Kingdom Specialist Military Units, with focus on Counter Terrorism (CT), Counter Insurgency (COIN) and Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST) Operations.

Latterly, he dedicated 8 years to the study and practice of Covert Physical Access which he employed on worldwide operations. He has a deep understanding of providing solutions to enhance physical security postures and reduce the risks of cyber-physical risks facing global businesses.

He is a Director at BLOCKPHISH, Managing Physical Security services, Safeguarding organisations against the emergence of cyber-physical Attack methods, a rapidly growing and pervasive threat which is Transforming the structure of the cyber-risk landscape. He is a member of the Security Institute, and is cleared to the highest levels in the UK Government.

Andy Goulbourne | Divisional Director | Howden Sport and Entertainment

As part of Howden Sport and Entertainment for over 14 years, I work with National Governing and Representative Bodies of sport in the UK & help them provide comprehensive protection and risk management solutions for their members, clubs and coaches.

By bringing together leading experts across the industry, Howden Sport and Entertainment provides tailored insurance broking and risk management services to clients operating across the Sport and Entertainment sector.

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