Safety Videos

As a health and safety professional, it is vital to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest ideas and initiatives being talked about in your community.

SHP works with key speakers, influencers and leaders in the profession to bring you five minutes safety videos on different aspects of health and safety.

These videos, put together in short, sharp five minute slots help to deliver the key messages around delivering training and ideas for establishing new methods of communicating to workers.

IOSH: Middlesex academic Maeve O’Loughlin on the PIPER initiative

Video: Mike Robinson of the British Safety Council

Video: Lone worker training and support with Nicole Vazquez

Video: Five tips for reducing driver risk

Video: Bringing stress to work can be fatal

Safety talks at Safety & Health Expo: Maximum disruption

In conversation with Angela Southall

Video: understanding lone worker policies with Nicole Vazquez

7 things you’ll learn at #SHE1000

Video: defining lone working with Nicole Vazquez

Video: Safety Performance Indicators with Dominic Cooper

Video: Serious Injuries and Fatalities with Dominic Cooper, episode 4

Video: engaging employees with health and safety, episode 3

Video: Safety Leadership with Dominic Cooper, episode 2

Video: risk and how to assess it

Video: The Safety Culture Concept with Dominic Cooper, episode 1

Video: Mindfulness in construction

Video: The Fat, Bald Boxer and the Wellbeing Guru. SHP Safety Talks with Professor Tim Marsh

Video: The Game Show Dilemma, SHP Safety Talks with Professor Tim Marsh

Video: Rosa Parks, the power of acquaintances – SHP Safety Talks