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December 27, 2018

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Safety Talks

VIDEO: Culture and ABC Analysis – SHP Safety Talks with Professor Tim Marsh

In the third episode of the SHP Safety Talks, Professor Tim Marsh, Managing Director at Anker & Marsh Safety and Honorary Professor, Plymouth University, explains how an individual can cause a violation and what happens when they do.

In safety if a job is slow, inconvenient and uncomfortable then someone will find a way to take a short-cut, and as Professor Marsh puts it; “let the future take care of itself.”

Eventually though, someone will get hurt.

The SHP Safety Talks are a series of small thought pieces designed to get you thinking, whist perhaps sipping your morning coffee. The SHPonline editorial team have invited key individuals from the safety world to deliver these mini-lectures, and you can expect only the most insightful, challenging and engaging threads.

If you agree or disagree with Tim’s thoughts then let us know in the comments below and we can keep the conversation going.

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Mark Forbes
Mark Forbes
8 years ago

Another beautifully put piece Professor Tim and I particularly like the analogies you use to illustrate your points. I would love to see a greater take up of this thinking within our industry. There are some really good examples of these practices out there being driven by some passionate individuals who understand the benefits. However as a whole, I think we still gravitate towards more traditional and accepted methods of process management, systems based controls and punitive measures for what are seen as transgressors. Ultimately when you have achieved all you can with system based control, you have to tackle… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Mark Forbes

Many thanks for the kind comment Mark. Obviously I agree with your observation and these clips a explicit attempt to help make the default setting ‘proactive/ mindful’ rather than (merely) compliance and control based.