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Charlotte Geoghegan is Event Manager for Safety & Health Expo and SHP at Informa Markets. She is responsible for content, strategy and sales of physical events and digital products. She is also an active member of the Women in Health and Safety committee.Before Charlotte went into this role she was Head of Content for the Safety & Health Expo, SHP, IFSEC, FIREX and the Facilities Show. She joined Informa (previously UBM) in 2015.Charlotte has spent 10 years in media & events and her academic background is in modern foreign languages. You can find her on LinkedIn here
December 31, 2018

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year in review

10 biggest health and safety prosecutions of 2018

A round-up of the 10 biggest health and safety prosecutions of 2018.

The top 10 is measured by what SHP readers have shown most interest in.

For the first time this year, all of the top 10 biggest health and safety prosecutions include fines of £1 million and over. What’s more, the top ten doesn’t even include all fines which came in the £1 million and over category.

Full stories from 2018’s top 10 here

  1. Poundstretcher fined £1 million
  2. Red Arrows ejector seat firm, Martin Baker, fined £1.1 million
  3. Willmott Partnership Homes fined £1.25 million
  4. Costain Limited and Gaillford Try Building Limited fined combined total of £1.4 million
  5. Tata Steel fined £1.4 million
  6. Tuffenlls Parcels fined £1.5 million
  7. Tesco fined £1.6 million
  8. R K Civil Engineers Ltd and R K District Heating Ltd fined a combined total of £2 million
  9. Southern Health Foundation Fined £2 million
  10. Stagecoach group company fined £2.3 million

The biggest health and safety prosecutions from 2017

Here’s the round-up of 2017.

Full stories from 2017’s top 8 here

  1. Jaguar Land Rover fined £900,000
  2. KFC fined £950,000
  3. Aldi fined £1 million
  4. Nottingham County Council fined £1 million
  5. South West Water fined £1.8 million
  6. Warburtons fined £1.9 million
  7. Wilko fined £1.9 million
  8. Iceland fined £2.5 million

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Tony Putsman
Tony Putsman
5 years ago

Costain and Galliford Try were each fined £1.4 million. Total with costs c£2.9 million – no. 1 prosecution?

Karl Spencer
Karl Spencer
5 years ago

Every one of these companies prosecuted had internal and or external H&S advisors. They also had approved standards and accreditation’s.
Why doesn’t SHP write about something that will help us all understand what businesses actually need to prevent and protect.
SHP could write about 83.3% of companies prosecuted 2016/17 were affiliated with one or more safety schemes or other best practice accreditation’s?

Richard Talbot-Ashby
Richard Talbot-Ashby
5 years ago

Number 1: Bupa fined £3m in 2018 for a pensioner death in one of their care homes in Essex due to a Legionnaires from a tap in his room. The care home didn’t have any processes for flushing taps etc.

Ian Hart
Ian Hart
5 years ago

Hi Richard, this story was covered here: The article above is measured by what SHP readers have shown most interest in, rather than the largest fines.