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‘PPE isn’t meant to be uncomfortable’: Katy Robinson and Karl Simons on inclusive PPE

In this episode, we speak to inclusive PPE campaigner Katy Robinson, and Chairman of SHP's Editorial Board Karl Simons about PPE and creating a movement for tangible change. Read More

Alcohol in the workplace

In this episode of the Safety Conversation, SHP Editor Mark Glover speaks to Janet Hadley at Choose Sunrise about alcohol in the workplace. Read More

‘I was just over the moon’: 2022 Rising Star Jake Newell

SHP Editor Mark Glover speaks to the winner of last year’s SHP Rising Star Award, Jake Newell, about what it felt like to achieve one of the sector’s most coveted accolades, and how his work as an asbestos analyst continues to motivate him. Read More

‘Communicating effectively, empowering employees and influencing stakeholders’: Evotix CEO Matthew Elson

SHP Editor Mark Glover, speaks to Evotix CEO Matthew Elson on technology adoption, attracting talent and why the concept of work/life balance needs a refresh. Read More

SHP PODCAST: ‘Curiosity leads to innovation’ – Rachel Butler on working in health and safety

In this episode, SHP caught up with Rachel Butler, who is Head of Health, Safety and Risk at Bruntwood, on how she got into health and safety from early beginnings in the construction industry. Read More

SHP PODCAST: The irreversible impact: mental health and accidents at work

In this sponsored episode, we hear from two speakers from Proud2BSafe – an organisation of motivational speakers who share personal stories about the impact of workplace accidents. Read More

SHP PODCAST: Encouraging the next generation into health and safety

In this episode, we speak to Darren Ford, Head of Learning and Development at Arco, on inspiring and encouraging the next generation into health and safety. Read More

SHP PODCAST: Obstructive sleep apnoea and fleet management

Kevin Bird is an experienced driver at Air Products, an industrial gas supplier that operates a global fleet of vehicles. However, on being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea he faced the possibility of losing his licence. Here, alongside his Manager, John Davies, he shares his story from that initial diagnosis to the support he received from his employers when revealing his condition. Read More

PODCAST: Introducing the 2023 SHP Editorial Board

Mark Glover, SHP Editor, introduces the eight members of this year's SHP Editorial Board. Read More

Making your mark – the IOSH Blueprint

Mark Glover speaks to Nicole Rinaldi, Director of Professional at IOSH, about the Institute's enhanced Blueprint tool. Read More

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