Over 90% of stalking victims experience psychological impacts

Research from the University of Kent and Suzy Lamplugh Trust reveals the extent of stalking on victims. Read More

ESG consultants key spend for sector, survey reveals

SHP product and services trend report reveals focus on ESG while Brexit influence remains unclear. Research into the buying habits Read More

Electric forklift sounds alert study launched with hopes of increasing safety

An electric forklift sounds alert study has been launched in the UK to enhance safety in the construction industry. Read More

‘Get workers back in the office’ – Employers call to end hybrid working

Over half of employers are encouraging workers to stop hybrid working and get back in the office, a survey has revealed. Read More

Age divide emerging in UK workforce when it comes to workplace wellbeing, according to new research

Working to Wellbeing warns a divide is emerging in the workforce when it comes to attitudes to wellbeing in the workplace. Read More

Feedback From The Field: Under Pressure

Watch this on-demand webinar by SHP & SafetyCulture as we discussed the results of the annual 'Feedback From the Field' report. This year, the research presents some eye-opening hard truths for senior leaders. Read More

Getting it right – implementing a strong safety culture

This webinar examines the findings of a survey of EHS specialists and shows how to implement a long-lasting workplace safety culture. Read More

Getting it right – Safety culture, health and safety priorities and training provision

This paper reveals the findings of a survey of EHS specialists which gives a snapshot of safety culture, health and safety priorities and training provision in 2022. Read More

WHITEPAPER – Feedback from the field: Workers under pressure

They hold consumer safety, product quality and brand reputation in their hands. But are we giving our frontline workers the tools and support they need to do their best work, every day? Read More

‘38% of businesses do not have suitable fire risk assessments in place’, according to new research

As employees return to workplaces following the pandemic, new research has revealed that many companies are ill-equipped to deal with the risk of fire. Read More

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