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Getting it right – implementing a strong safety culture

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A strong safety culture is increasingly seen as one of the cornerstones of a robust occupational health and safety system.

However, a recent survey and whitepaper, facilitated by MAKE UK canvassing EHS specialists and senior managers across the UK, reveals many firms rate their safety culture as low on the maturity scale.

In this webinar we dive into the findings of the report and drawing solutions on how to implement and create a long-lasting workplace safety culture, including:

  1. Why teams have to be honest about their current safety culture approach;
  2. Applying different safety culture models;
  3. The importance of combining influence with practical HS skills.

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Chris Newson
Health, Safety & Sustainability Director, Make UK

When I got involved in OSH, 20 years ago it wasn’t through any life-changing experience or inspirational mentor, it was simply because a job offer appeared in the plant where I worked. I wanted to progress my career, so I agreed as long as the company would pay for my NEBOSH certificate. Probably a familiar story. What is also familiar is that I quickly realised how important my new job was. I was now responsible for the safety and health of 3,000 workers working in a high-risk sector. The bigger surprise to me was that those 3,000 employees did not seem as bothered as I was. Fast forward 20 years and I am extremely proud of the achievements that OSH teams I’ve worked with have made during that time. Our drive has always been to not only try and keep those 3,000 people safe, but increasingly, to try and help them understand they have a right to be safe and even healthy.

Dan Shipway
Head of Sales,  Make UK

Dan is Head of Sales and has been with Make UK for nearly 10 years. He is passionate about helping UK businesses to grow and prosper. He has a keen interested in EHS and is committed to helping companies with sustainability improvements, achieving net zero goals, and meeting their safety objectives.

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