Chris Ide

Extra time? Managing an aging workforce

Approximately one-third of the UK workforce is over the age of 50, pushing the average retirement age beyond 65. Former HSE Employment Medical Adviser and Consultant Physician, Dr Chris Ide, lays out some of the key physiological issues for employers to be aware of in an aging workforce. Read More

Creating a culture of better health in construction

25 years after his first article appeared in SHP, occupational physician Dr Chris Ide looks at how health has changed Read More

A brief history of mental ill health and how to tackle it effectively

Dr Chris Ide details how psychiatric illness was treated by isolation and a division from mainstream life in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the progress that's been made in diagnosing, understanding and treating mental ill health in the modern day. Read More

A brave new future

After 32 years, SHP’s print edition has closed and, as you might expect, the final issue is somewhat of a retrospective. Read More

Survival of the fittest: the evolution of firefighting

Dr Chris Ide, occupational physician and regular contributor to SHP, provides an insight into the evolution of firefighting and how learning from the past has helped save lives in the present. Read More

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