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Heather Beach is Founder and Managing Director of The Healthy Work Company and has been running businesses in health and safety for over 20 years. Having run Barbour, SHP and Safety and Health Expo, she is now running her own business. The Healthy Work Company provides solutions which drive the wellbeing agenda to enable thriving in the workplace at all levels. Offering more than simply training, it delivers strategic support for your wellbeing programme. "We are driving the mental health agenda towards how human beings thrive in life – often through work, not in spite of it!" Heather can be reached on [email protected].
January 5, 2016

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A brave new future

SHP Jan CoverAfter 32 years, SHP’s print edition has closed and, as you might expect, the final issue is somewhat of a retrospective. There is a look back at the profession over the last three decades and some clues as to what the next year might hold with viewpoints from industry heavyweights. We also look more long term with BBS (behaviour-based safety) from Andrew Sharman and occupational health from Chris Ide.

For many safety professionals, the magazine has been a constant – where they usually turned to the back pages (jobs) first! SHP editors have had to tread a difficult line – ensuring they were on message with IOSH, keeping the advertising sales team happy, while continuing to maintain editorial integrity. The great feedback we have had from readers is that they successfully achieved this and more.

The magazine has been a constant companion through all the major events in health and safety from Piper Alpha and Buncefield; to Löfstedt and corporate manslaughter. On a recent flick through the old editions, I was surprised to see that aside from the pictures looking rather different (and there were some stiff models in black and white which did give us a giggle), the themes were very much the same – criminal and civil liabilities, dealing with asbestos, a stress questionnaire, declines in inspections and enforcement.

Personally, I feel that there will be a massive shift in health and safety over the next few years – from compliance to engagement – and I can’t wait to see the results.

Thank you for your company, your loyal support and here’s to the future: a brand new IOSH publication and a brave new independent future for SHP Online.

Heather Beach is director OSH Portfolio

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