May 10, 2016

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Video: defining lone working with Nicole Vazquez

In her first video for SHP Safety Talks, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, introduces how to define lone working and assess its challenges.

In this educational video, Nicole covers definitions, risk management, completing risk assessments and an introduction to the PET analysis.

For an in-depth look at PET analysis, read Nicole’s accompanying article.

 See Nicole Vazquez speak about providing effective training for lone workers at Safety & Health Expo

The lone worker theatre at Safety & Health Expo includes sessions covering risk reduction techniques designed to keep employees safe when working solo. Register for the Safety & Health Expo to attend in-depth seminars about lone working.

The SHP Safety Talks are a series of small thought pieces designed to get you thinking, whilst perhaps sipping your morning coffee. The SHP team have invited key individuals from the safety world to deliver these mini-lectures, and you can expect only the most insightful challenging and engaging threads.  For more videos from the SHP Safety Talks series, visit our CPD  downloads page.

If you agree with Nicole’s thoughts, then let us know in the comments below and we can keep the conversation going.

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Sarah Wilson

Great Nicole! fantastic tool for us to use to back up our training. Very informative and easy to listen to and understand.
Great work as always ! Sarah

Sarah Moxham

Clear information and advice that is easy to understand and apply to any workplace situation. Great as always!


Enjoyed this video; fantastic tool to build on recent training. Thanks.

Nigel Heaton

Brilliant introduction to lone working. Don’t forget to read the PET analysis and adopt a PET!


A very informative video and a good format for stimulating our thoughts on the subject.

Nicole Vazquez to Speak Again at LONE WORKER SAFETY Expo | LONE WORKER SAFETY 2017 Expo

[…] In the meantime, you can contact Worthwhile Training at  info@worthwhiletraining.co.uk  or learn more from Nicole in her videos on lone working for SHP online. […]