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Webinar: How to protect all staff in a world of hybrid working – Going deeper…

The recent SHP webinar on the challenges around hybrid working, unsurprisingly, threw up a host of questions from our audience. Read More

Lone worker safety: Re-inventing the wheel

A look at the impact of stress on lone workers, as well as the notion that some businesses don’t realise they have lone workers in their ranks. Read More

Home worker or lone worker?

Worthwhile Training’s Nicole Vazquez suggests employers need to be aware that their home workers are lone workers and should be treated as such, particularly when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. Read More

Video: Responding to a lone worker incident with Nicole Vazquez

In her final video for SHP Safety Talks, lone worker expert Nicole Vazquez explains how you should respond to a lone worker incident. Read More

Video: Supporting your mobile lone workers

In her fourth video for SHP, Nicole Vazquez explains how to support your mobile lone workers, including the purpose of Read More

Video: Lone worker training and support with Nicole Vazquez

In her third video for SHP Safety Talks, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, looks at how to train lone workers, getting workers to understand their roles and responsibilities, what to include when putting training packages together, and the importance of making training both task and risk specific. Read More

Video: understanding lone worker policies with Nicole Vazquez

In her second video for SHP Safety Talks, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, explains lone worker policies and procedures, including what to include in the content of a policy and the differences between lone workers at a fixed base and working away from a base.In this educational video, Nicole also covers the golden rules for procedures including ownership, relevance, accessibility and a support network. Read More

The PET model and its application for lone working

In an article for SHP, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, gives a detailed explanation of the PET analysis and how it applies to the health and safety of lone workers. Read More

Video: defining lone working with Nicole Vazquez

In her first video for SHP Safety Talks, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, introduces how to define lone working and assess its challenges. In this educational video, Nicole covers definitions, risk management, completing risk assessments and an introduction to the P.E.T. analysis. Read More

Dynamic risk assessments in practice: Nicole Vazquez at SHE 2015

At Safety and Health Expo this afternoon, Nicole Vazquez, director, Worthwhile Training, discussed the risks facing lone workers and how dynamic Read More

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