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85% of organisations have no fire risk assessment for Lithium-ion battery devices on site

Just 15% of organisations say they have conducted a workplace fire risk assessment to cover the risks posed by devices containing lithium-ion batteries, new research finds. Read More

Martyn’s law and key steps for businesses to consider

In our regular legal column from Eversheds Sutherland, we hear from Partner, Sarah Valentine, who discusses Martyn's law and key steps for businesses to consider through 'PROTECT'. Read More

New online learning tool launched by HSE to help address work-related stress

An online learning tool designed to prevent work-related stress has been launched by the HSE as part of its Working Mind's campaign. Read More

Asbestos cement products – A low risk material?

SOCOTEC looks at factors to consider for asbestos management, including when asbestos is in 'good condition' and what this means when assessing its risk. Read More

Commercial and industrial HVAC systems: Balancing efficiency with safety

Shaun Evers, Managing Director of Stonegate, sheds light on the associated risks and the importance of effective gas detection. Read More

Legionella control for architects and building engineers

In this article, Water Hygiene Centre's Roy Sullivan, discusses Legionella control for architects and building engineers including the risks present in hot and cold water systems, regulation and guidance. Read More

What exactly is risk management?

Ahead of a webinar on redefining risk management, Evotix's Langdon Dement gives a great overview of what it really means and what steps you can take to embed it in your workplace. Read More

Webinar: Risk Management Redefined: How To Drive Continuous Improvement

Join our insightful webinar to learn how risk management should fit within the overall safety management program and how to create and implement processes that drive continuous improvement at all levels. Read More

Technology’s impact on asbestos risk management

SHP hears from SOCOTEC, who discusses implementing measures using technology to manage the risk of asbestos exposure at work. Read More

The Role of Data in Reducing Employee Risk and Enhancing Workplace Safety

Discover how data-driven approaches enhance workplace safety, reduce employee risk, and drive informed decision-making. Read More

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