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Over 90% of stalking victims experience psychological impacts

Research from the University of Kent and Suzy Lamplugh Trust reveals the extent of stalking on victims. Read More

Webinar: Perfecting Your Lone Working Policy: An Essential Guide to Safety and Success

Join us on October 4th at 11am for an engaging webinar all about perfecting your lone working policy. Explore the essential guide to enhancing safety and success for lone workers, featuring insights, practical tips, and resources to ensure comprehensive protection in today's evolving work landscape. Read More

Technological changes in hybrid working benefits psychological safety in the workplace, experts have said

Hybrid working is one of the benefits of ensuring psychological safety in the workplace, according to experts. Read More

The majority of people who work in the in UK’s biggest sector fear for their safety every day, a survey has revealed

The majority of people who work in the professional services sector fear for their safety on a daily basis, a survey has revealed. Read More

How organisations can improve lone worker safety

Every day, lone workers face a myriad of different health and safety risks and hazards...SHP hears from Dakota Murphey, who takes a closer look at lone worker safety. Read More

Webinar: How to protect all staff in a world of hybrid working – Going deeper…

The recent SHP webinar on the challenges around hybrid working, unsurprisingly, threw up a host of questions from our audience. Read More

Safety technology gathering dust? Here’s how to maximise usage

Do you have safety technology that rarely sees the light of day? Could usage be improved to better protect your staff, reduce risk, and maximise your investment? Read More

Report shows safety challenges around hybrid working

A report from Peoplesafe says issues around hybrid working are of most concern to workers. The study, Overcoming The Employee Read More

Business Case for Investment in a Lone Worker Safety Solution

Learn how a lone worker safety solution can help you to avoid unexpected fines, costs & losses, save & make money plus how to choose wisely Read More

3 in 5 employers have seen an increase in hybrid working since the pandemic, new survey shows

Acas has released a new survey which shows that 60% have seen an increase in hybrid working for staff in comparison to pre-pandemic times. Read More

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