shift work

Is your Fatigue Management Policy letting you down?

Following on from last month’s “Tired and Tested” article by Dr Vicki Culpin and Philip Crosbie – Clinton Horn, a Read More

Throwback Thursday: Shift work and health

In the May 1992 issue of SHP, Dr Keay Smith wrote the first of a two part article on shift Read More

Fatigue: the insidious risk to health and safety

Shift work contributes significantly to the UK economy but it can lead to fatigue and poor safety performance. Julie Bell Read More

No time to lose: IOSH launches occupational cancer campaign

Today, IOSH launches a major campaign to get the causes of occupational cancer better understood and help businesses take action. Read More

Occupational cancer burden: target new workers

The health and safety profession needs to focus its efforts on preventative measures that will protect new workers entering industry Read More

Male night-shift workers at higher risk of developing cancer

Frequent working at night could place shift workers at increased cancer risk because of the suppression of the hormone melatonin, Canadian researchers have found. Read More

Shift workers more prone to heart problems

Coronary events, including cardiac arrests, heart attacks and strokes, are more common in shift workers than in those who work more traditional work patterns, according to new research. Read More

Work-related cancer deaths top 8000 a year

More than 8000 cancer deaths in Britain each year can be attributed to work, a major piece of research has found. Read More

Regular night-shift workers at greater risk of developing breast cancer

A Danish study has provided further evidence that cumulative night-shift work increases the risk of breast cancer, prompting calls for more advice for employers and further research on the issue. Read More

Sleep-deprivation study highlights diabetes risk to shift workers

Shift workers who suffer 'body-clock' disruption, as a result of not getting enough sleep and at the wrong time of the day, could be at greater risk of developing diabetes and associated weight problems, researchers have found. Read More

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