Listening inclusively: Check your own biases

Why don’t people always listen effectively? How can we overcome safety silence? Director of CIRAS Catherine Baker explores... Read More

Croydon tram crash: TfL admits to failings over fatal derailment

Transport for London (TfL) has indicated it will plead guilty to health and safety failings over the Croydon tram crash, which killed seven people, in November 2016. Read More

RAIB to investigate after passenger was trapped in train doors and dragged at London station

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has issued a Safety Digest. Read More

RAIB to investigate overspeeding incident at Peterborough station

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch is investigating an incident involving a train passing over three sets of points at the north end of Peterborough station at a speed of 75mph (121km/h). Read More

RAIB to investigate after track worker struck by train

RAIB has opened an investigation after track worker was struck by a train near Chalfont & Latimer station, Buckinghamshire. Read More

Train driver struck and fatally injured

A train driver has been struck and killed by a passing train, after leaving his cab when waiting in a siding. Read More

RAIB to conduct preliminary inspection after passenger is trapped in doors and “dragged” along platform at north-London station

The RAIB have issued an investigation after a woman was “dragged” along a platform after getting her hand stuck in a London Overground train. Read More

RAIB opens investigation into Salisbury Tunnel Junction collision

Rail Accident Investigation Branch investigation will seek to identify the sequence of events which led to Salisbury Tunnel Junction collision. Read More

RAIB issues a report after Network Rail Employee is almost struck by train

The RAIB has issued a report into an incident in which a Network Rail Mobile Operations Manager (MOM) came close to being struck by a train. Read More

‘Stronger approach needed,’ following fatal accident at Waterloo Underground Station

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has published this report into a fatal accident at Waterloo Underground station in London, on 26 May 2020. Read More

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