Dom Cooper

Understanding performance variability in safety management: Focusing on the rights and wrongs

For this month's blog, Dom Cooper looks at safety management but discusses whether health and safety professionals should pay more focus on 'what went right', as opposed to 'what went wrong' in the workplace. Read More

Rule-6 tames complexity

Read Dom Cooper's latest article for SHP as he discusses complexity, and weighs the ideas of predictability and uncertainty for near-miss, accidents and incident investigations. Read More

Human error: Symptom or cause?

Dom Cooper analyses the definition of human error and whether it can in fact be a root cause instead of a 'symptom of systems'. Read More

‘Epiphenomena doesn’t address the Serious Injury & Fatality (SIF) problem’

Dom Cooper looks at serious injuries and fatalities (SIF) in the workplace, analysing whether the current OSH approach is working and what the resolution may be instead. Read More

Take with a large pinch of salt

Dom Cooper analyses two types of incident rates: lost-time- and total recordable- and questions their validity. Read More

To trust, mistrust or distrust: That is the question.

Dom Cooper speaks on trust, mistrust and distrust and what the three terms can tell us about an employee's frame of mind and in turn, an organisation's safety culture... Read More

Just cultures: Culpability and incident-reporting

SHP hears from Dom Cooper on accountability in the workplace, error reporting and the meaning of 'just culture'... Read More

Great expectations: Are high-reliability organisations perfect?

How feasible is high-reliability perfection and does it actually make a difference? In his latest blog for SHP, Dom Cooper Read More

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