Corporate Manslaughter Act

Larger firms face biggest fine increases: Sentencing Council impact assessment shows

The average fine handed to organisations found guilty of safety offences has risen since the new sentencing guidelines were introduced, according to figures published by the Sentencing Council. Read More

Sentencing guidelines: local authority health and safety fines rise 1,870%

Health and safety fines have risen considerably since February 2016 when the new sentencing guidelines came into force. Read More

Sentencing hearing: construction boss jailed after death of two workers

Brentford-based construction firm boss sentenced to 14 months in prison. Read More

Corporate fines for H&S breaches up 43%, hitting £54m

Corporate health and safety fines up following implementation of tougher sentencing. Read More

How does the Corporate Manslaughter Act put YOU at risk?

By Simon Olliff, Managing Director at Banyard Solutions A Manchester building contractor has been sent to jail for eight months Read More

BSIF warns Sentencing guidelines could hit business

Alan Murray, CEO of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), reflects on the new health and safety sentencing guidelines and Read More

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