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May 20, 2020

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forklift truck training

Mentor remains on hand to help businesses meet HSE guidelines for vital MHE training

In line with the HSE’s recent statement that basic lift truck training remains essential during the coronavirus pandemic, Mentor FLT Training is offering a number of materials and courses to help businesses stay safe and compliant during this critical time.

Key industries’ supply chains are under extreme pressure, with many businesses hiring additional personnel to join their operations — all of whom will require training.

Stuart Taylor, Managing Director of Mentor FLT Training explained: “The HSE is clear that companies have a responsibility to ensure all operators are properly trained. Lift trucks play a vital role in keeping supply chains moving, but they have the potential to be very dangerous unless they are operated by someone who understands how to do so safely. It’s vital that anyone new to the equipment receives relevant training to reduce the risk of accidents, not to mention disruption and delays.

“For this reason, we are still providing training courses for key workers, which are being delivered in line with all government and Public Health England guidelines.”

To further assist employers and their teams, Mentor has made its Safely Working with Lift Trucks video freely available to view online during this period. The film is aimed at anyone required to work with or around forklifts, and raises awareness of the potential dangers, in order to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

“We’ve made our training video free to view at this time, as an additional tool for businesses needing to prepare staff to work alongside forklift trucks,” said Stuart. “Businesses can use the full 30-minute film to support training, inductions or toolbox talks, or choose the most relevant chapters. If this can help prepare their new starters to stay safe amongst increasingly busy forklift operations, we’re happy to help.”

Online training for managers

The HSE’s latest guidance also makes specific reference to an employer’s legal duty to monitor and supervise lift truck drivers to ensure that they continue to operate safely.

To ensure managers can easily access the training they need to uphold safety, compliance and productivity, Mentor provides an online ‘Managing Forklift Operations’ course which offers learners the flexibility to fit training around their current working patterns.

Stuart added: “Many businesses in key industries may be working flat out, with newly expanded teams. But with operators under increased pressure to meet demand and new starters at highest risk of accidents, monitoring and supervision are essential to ensure safety is upheld.”

Like many organisations, Mentor has adapted how it operates and remains available to support businesses wherever possible. “Whether we can provide training, resources or advice, we’re here to help keep operations running safely and effectively throughout this challenging time,” assures Stuart.

Series of online mental health courses available now

Mentor has also announced that it can now offer six online courses created by mental health charity MIND in Haringey. Delivered in association with Mentor’s e-learning partners Upskill People, the series of briefings is designed to raise awareness around mental health and help provide all staff with useful information and guidance. There is also a specific briefing for managers on how to support their teams.

The courses can be taken individually or as a series. Subjects include:

  • Your Wellbeing;
  • What is Mental Health?;
  • Understanding Depression;
  • Managing Mental Health;
  • Let’s Talk About Stress;
  • Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders.

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