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December 23, 2021

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Top-10 SHP webinars of 2021

Top-10 SHP webinars of 2021

Find out what have been the most popular SHP webinars this year, and catch up on any that you might have missed.

All sessions are available, on-demand, using the links below…

back pain1. Musculoskeletal disorders (managing risk and the HSE assessment tools)

Hear from the Health and Safety Executive and partners about musculoskeletal disorders and how you can best manage the risks.

You will learn:

  • Why MSDs are important;
  • The Risk Management process;
  • How to use the new digital assessment tools.

2. Create better RAMS in less time

In this Webinar sponsored by HandsHQ, you will find out how implementing a cloud-based solution for your RAMS will save you time, allow you to engage with your entire team, keep them safe and improve compliance.

3. Who is Responsible for Driver Risk Management?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How responsibility can vary, and potentially be unclear;
  • Why safety is everyone’s responsibility;
  • Methods of ensuring a consistent, integrated approach, beginning with the establishment of a company-wide safety culture;
  • The importance of leadership commitment and tips for building the business case;
  • How COVID-19 has further expanded the scope of driver risk management, and prompted a renewed commitment to workplace safety;
  • Techniques to maintain employee engagement.

4. Democratising health and safety – empowering your frontlines

In this deep-dive webinar, we explore how technology can help us democratise health and safety. Together, we’ll explore how we can elevate health and safety to a new level by tapping into technology that focuses on the most important component of any safety culture. Our teams.

5. The ongoing conundrum of the culture surrounding safety

In this session, Evotix (formerly SHE Software) representative Julian Taylor, and Maria Anderson, Global Head of Health Safety and Wellbeing at Cambridge University, discussed the ongoing conundrum of the culture surrounding safety in the workplace.

6. How a ‘Responsible Person’ selects competent fire risk assessors and management support

This webinar, led by Praxis42, provides a forum to open a debate about how to establish competence in the selection and appointment of resources that support an organisations fire life safety strategy.

7. How to create COSHH chemical risk assessments that are effective

This webinar is structured as follows:

  1. Best practice of completing a COSHH chemical risk assessment.
  2. Don’t forget DSEARS
  3. Case Study and practical completion of COSHH RA :
  • Reviewing the Case Study
  • Identifying the existing Controls.
  • Risk Rating.
  • Identify Additional Control Measures
  • Live completion of COSHH Assessment
  1. Audience Q&A.

8. How can we take the fear out of chemical management – companywide?

In this webinar, Dermot Dinan (Solutions Ambassador, Ireland & UK, EcoOnline) shares his learning and findings on the barriers to chemical management reporting including workforce behaviours, cultures and fears. But also highlight how these can be overcome with the right solutions in place.

9. The challenges and benefits of digitising your permit process

In this webinar, you will learn why its time for your permits to go digital. Our expert panel will look at how technology can make permit creation, issuing and control more efficient.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Look at 4 reasons why safety professionals are moving away from paper permits;
  • Gain insight on how to modernise your permit process;
  • Explore what permit management technology is available to suit your requirements.

10. Aligning technology with emerging health and safety risks

This webinar is aimed at both Health and Safety Practitioners and Senior Management responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their employees and other stakeholders, across all industries and workplace settings. This webinar will provide delegates with the following insights:

How health and safety professionals have:

  • Engaged employees in thinking and acting safely during the pandemic regardless of their workplace environment
  • Leveraged technology to tackle the increased risks of remote working;
  • Mobilised efficiently to maintain compliance and optimise safety performance as part of their return-to-work strategies.

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