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Democratising health and safety – empowering your frontlines

SHP Webinar Wednesdays is back for 2021. A season of interactive health and safety webinars throughout September and October giving you the opportunity to learn about a range of key industry topics. The webinars are hosted by SHP and feature a diverse range of speakers, moderated by SHP Editor, Ian Hart. 

In this session, which is available to watch on-demand now, Dwayne Duncum, Managing Director of On Fire Consultants, Tiffany Argent, QSHE Cluster Lead Manager – UK and Ireland at DB Schenker, and Maren Shroeder, Fleet Director ST Management at Stolot Tankers, discussed the topic of democratising health and safety – empowering your front lines.

Frontline workers make up 80% of the worker population, ensuring they feel seen and heard when issues arise is essential. Dwayne begins the discussion by introducing the audience to his professional background, working on infrastructure across New South Wales, Australia. Working across such a large surface area, with over 40 active sites and contractors, meant seamless communication between locations was near impossible.

This led the business to turn to the iAuditor app, a software which gathers real-time inspection data from all sites in one place. This, in turn, allowed the company to identify missed inspections across all locations and deal with them in a swift manner.

‘Because of increased visibility, workers took action.’ 

Dwayne goes on to describe how switching to a digital solution inflicted positive change on his workers before Tiffany shared a similar experience.

When looking for a new inspection data template, she discusses how using online software allowed her staff to save crucial time. They no longer needed to visit different sites to ensure legal requirements were being carried out, instead, they could simply upload images of damaged equipment and reported incidents would be fixed within a matter of days.

‘When we have real-time visibility of our environment, we’re empowered to make the most effective decisions.’ 

Maren has software to manage several extremely high-risk chemical tankers. She describes the problems the business was facing, attempting to manage multiple tankers in different locations. Implementing a digital auditing system allowed workers to carry out inspections and share them with each other instantaneously. 

As with all workplace changes, Maren was concerned about how employees would react to the digital shift. However, after two weeks of training, the programme was fully up and running, with a team of frontline workers carrying out checks.

All three experts argue that utilising digital technologies allows industries to create a culture of accountability.

Having constant access to real-time information empowers workforces to make effective, real-time decisions.  

Available on-demand. Simply fill in the form opposite to listen to this session, ‘Democratising health and safety – empowering your frontlines’, and others in the series.

The pandemic transformed the face of health and safety, in every sphere. Once considered the job of the HSE or a necessary evil of tick-box exercises, health and safety suddenly became everybody’s business. From our shop workers to those on the production line: every individual had a critical role to play in keeping both staff and the public safe.

It’s a lesson we can’t afford to forget. As the face of our business, our frontlines are those at the actionable point of risk. They’re our eyes on the ground, our first responders, and the guardians of our brand promise. But are we really empowering them to create cultures of safety, at every level?

In this deep-dive webinar, we explore how technology can help us democratise health and safety. Together, we’ll explore how we can elevate health and safety to a new level by tapping into technology that focuses on the most important component of any safety culture. Our teams.


Dwayne Duncum

Dwayne Duncum

Managing Director, On Fire Consultants
Tiffany Argent

Tiffany Argent

QSHE Cluster Lead Manager – UK & Ireland, DB Schenker
Maren Schroeder

Maren​ Schroeder

Fleet Director, ST Management, Stolt Tankers

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