SHP’s most-read in 2022

From the Building Safety Act to NCRQ, these are the stories and content that made our most-read list of 2022. Read More

Coronavirus advice for employers

Boris Johnson has announced that all legal requirements to self-isolate in England will come to an end on Thursday 24 February, as he set out plans for 'living with COVID'. Read More

The health & safety profession, how is it changing?

We discuss the changing perception of the health & safety profession, and the opportunities for increasing collaboration across teams. Read More

The changing face of European EHS and ESG

The changing face of European EHS and ESG The world of EHS and ESG is shifting from a focus on Read More

How safety in design and digitalisation can increase productivity and deliver results

Sukhy Hogwood looks at the importance of safety in design and Paul Richardson discusses how digitalised safety processes can transform a workplace. Read More

What every EHS practitioner should know about ESG

This Insight Report explains the obvious overlap in concerns between EHS and ESG and how one will most definitely help the other. Read More

Webinar: Changing culture with data

Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn how to store EHS-related data and turn it into understandable and actionable insights. Read More

When SHP met Louis Theroux…

Hear Louis Theroux’s thoughts on communicating effectively, working in hostile, health and health and wellbeing. Read More

Building Safety Bill: Bill receives Royal Assent to become the Building Safety Act

The Building Safety Bill received Royal Assent on 28 April 2022, and has now completed all the parliamentary stages in both Houses to become an Act of Parliament – The Building Safety Act. Read More

PPE at work regulations updated

From 6 April 2022 the regulations on wearing PPE at work have changed. Here, we explain what's changed for who, and why. Read More

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