Tim Marsh

‘But… What do we do about the dimwits?’

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh discusses our collective approach to risk… Read More

Formula 1 – Another simple but this time positive case study

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh discusses how a simple change to the way risk is managed, can produce positive outcomes. Read More

At the pointy end: Talking people, law, health & safety

SHP caught up with Tim Marsh and Laura Thomas, ahead of an event they are hosting in July, which will discuss the practical importance of a positive, proactive and holistic health & safety culture. Read More

‘Downfall – The Case Against Boeing’

Tim Marsh on the $2.5 billion dollar fine and the last word in safety culture case studies… Read More

The card game, the tyrant and a powerful objectivity technique

Tim Marsh discusses two vital issues about learning and analysis which have implications for safety and health. Read More

You have to ask yourself… ‘Do you feel lucky?… Well, do you!?’

Tim Marsh discusses the nature of luck and why individuals and organisations need to pro-actively and systemically work to maximise the chances of enjoying a fair share regarding the human factor. Read More

Creating wellbeing – 7 leadership habits of positivity and trust creation

Tim Marsh discusses the importance of asking ‘How are you?’ twice… and some simple pro-active, culture creation techniques. Read More

Why a good ‘walk and talk’ is so effective – The unseen self-fulfilling physiological science

Tim Marsh attempts to simplify the ‘hidden’ physiological science behind the effectiveness of a walk and talk, as we know that everyone likes to understand why things work well even when they long ago accepted that, clearly, they do so. Read More

No Time to Die… or ‘The name’s Anker… Jason Anker’

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh talks about what James Bond has in common with safety professionals and how safety leadership needs to have substance. Read More

Build it with flowers…

Tim Marsh describes a recent case study of his, that provided an outlook on how managers treat their staff. Read More

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