Tim Marsh

Creating wellbeing – 7 leadership habits of positivity and trust creation

Tim Marsh discusses the importance of asking ‘How are you?’ twice… and some simple pro-active, culture creation techniques. Read More

Why a good ‘walk and talk’ is so effective – The unseen self-fulfilling physiological science

Tim Marsh attempts to simplify the ‘hidden’ physiological science behind the effectiveness of a walk and talk, as we know that everyone likes to understand why things work well even when they long ago accepted that, clearly, they do so. Read More

No Time to Die… or ‘The name’s Anker… Jason Anker’

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh talks about what James Bond has in common with safety professionals and how safety leadership needs to have substance. Read More

Build it with flowers…

Tim Marsh describes a recent case study of his, that provided an outlook on how managers treat their staff. Read More

Instinct, analysis, ‘coupling’ and Elvis

Tim Marsh describes how the ‘coupling’ concept can help organisations minimise the amount of knee jerk blame that can impact on a company’s culture. Read More

‘How much film you got in that bloody camera?’

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh describes a simple ‘Safety Differently’ case study… Read More

Trust & toxicity

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh delves into the complexities of trust and toxic cultures. Read More

Trust and toxicity – an illustrative case study

Studies suggest it can take a lot of hard work and real-life proof to develop trust but that it can be lost very quickly. This is a case study to that is based on an amalgam of two genuine clients that introduces a model of trust hierarchy. Read More

Safety IS a laughing matter…

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh makes the case that humour really does have a place in the health (and safety) world. Read More

Cynefin – the power of thoughtful (& Welsh!) analysis

Tim Marsh looks into Dave Snowden’s Cynefin model…. Read More

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