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December 6, 2021

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Situ Live showcases ‘Seguro’ – A unique SmartPrem solution for indoor premises

In partnership with Situ Live, a brand-new retail innovation venue at Westfield London in White City, SmartPrem Solutions is showcasing a unique combination of measures designed to keep customers as safe as possible from virus and bacteria when they enter the venue.

Situ LiveSitu Live says it is ‘reimagining retail’, by bringing together some of the magic of theatre into how we shop. Presenters demonstrate products live, helping customers get hands-on and understand them better, before guiding them to where they can purchase online.

With customer safety a high priority, especially with the increased regulations around mask wearing in shops and on public transport which were announced last week to try and restrict the Omicron variant, Situ Live has partnered with safe and smart solutions directory SmartPrem.

Together, they have brought together five leading technology partners to create, what they claim, is the safest and smartest retail venue for Situ Live.

SmartPrem Co-Founder, Andrew Busby said: “This really is a first. Nowhere else in the world has this combination of safety measures in place in order to provide as safe an environment as possible for both the Situ Live team and their customers.”

The unique solution, code-named ‘Seguro’ (the Spanish for safe), is thanks to a collaboration between six of SmartPrem’s key partners, who have come together, in order to create this.

Seguro covers all aspects of a customer’s journey, from arrival to the air that they breathe.

Situ liveStoreTech together with Irisys provides visible technology led displays accurately and reliably informing on the social distancing led safety of the premises before entering.

Kastus and Turbo Statics ensures that all surfaces are protected. Kastus with its patented anti-viral screen protectors and Turbo Statics with its electrostatic cleaning.

Kindr provides gentle foaming hand sanitiser.

Aura Vision monitors people flow within the venue to ensure social distancing and also to utilise the space within Situ Live as efficiently as possible.

Clenzair provides unique Needlepoint Bipolar Ionisation technology which ensures that any virus and bacteria in the air is neutralised before it can be breathed in.

It’s thanks to the collaboration between these partners, that the Seguro solution has been accredited by Safer Space.

Kirsten Ward, Chief Marketing Officer at Situ Live said: “Safety remains our upmost priority, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with SafePrem Solutions.

“They are helping us to deliver the smoothest and safest shopping experience possible, providing total peace of mind to visitors of our Westfield London venue.”

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