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One metric to rule them all

Diane-Chadwick Jones on the importance of trust as a leading safety indicator. Read More

Rewarding safety performance: Improving safety or maintaining beliefs?

Diane Chadwick-Jones, Director at Guildstone Advisory Services Ltd questions incentivising safety. Read More

Creating a Wellbeing Committee and the benefits it can bring to your business

Mandy Kendrick, HR Manager at Hunter Safety Solutions, talks to SHP about how the introduction of several initiatives within the business, aimed to improve mental health and wellbeing of staff, has led to an increase in engagement throughout the company. Read More

Psychological safety and a culture of fear

During these turbulent times, it has been sobering to see countries engage in the under-reporting of pandemic incidents, which is also a major problem in workplace safety. This provides a timely reminder that we need be better at giving people a voice in workplace safety to increase the number of reports. One avenue that holds promise is “Psychological Safety” which is a construct that addresses how “safe it is here for people to speak up without fear”. Read More

‘The world needs positive psychology for the next few months’

Positive Psychology (not to be confused with positive thinking) is the scientific study of human flourishing, and an applied approach to optimal functioning. It has also been defined as the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities, and organisations to thrive. Read More

The New Rules of Safety #20: life is a quotation

Andrew Sharman looks at learning lessons from the past and the 'wonderful wisdom of words' for safety and health practitioners. Read More

Beating Imposter Syndrome and developing self-confidence…together

Heather Beach of the Healthy Work Company outlines her experience of Imposter Syndrome - and the importance of health and safety professionals building self confidence. Read More

Advice: Nipping passive-aggressive bullies in the bud

Dr Flis' latest column gives advice on how to deal with passive-aggressive behaviour from staff. Read More

Work safety: 5 easy strategies to gain task approval or sign-off from a busy boss

These days, many people are struggling with overloaded schedules and diaries. So it’s no surprise that gaining sign-off or approval Read More

Comment: safety in boxes

By David Towlson Politics has never been my strong point. I find the whole thing a bit confusing, because I Read More

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