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Could a four-day working week improve employees mental health and wellbeing?

A trial of a four-day working week has launched in the UK to measure whether employees who work less are more productive and have better mental health. Read More

Long working hours: ‘745,000 deaths are the tip of the iceberg’

The World Health Organization has recently drawn attention to research which estimated that 745,000 people died globally in 2016 due to health conditions (such as stroke and heart disease) associated with long working hours. Dr Nick Bell discusses the implications and the likelihood that this is a significant underestimation of the harm caused by long working hours. Read More

College staff consider quitting over stress and workloads

Seven-in-10 college staff have considered quitting as workloads and stress levels rise, according to a new survey. Read More

Sowing the seeds of change

There are over 550 fatal accidents in farming across the EU each year and farmers are seven times more likely to die in a workplace accident than members of the general workforce. Michael Cusack looks into the issues facing the industry and what needs to be done to curb the alarming figures. Read More

Make work-life balance your new year’s resolution

There is no better time than the start of the year to make changes to your life, so, with this in mind, Prospect has launched a new online resource to help its members achieve a better work-life balance. Read More

Supreme Court dismisses offshore working-time appeal

A long-running legal dispute on offshore working hours and leave entitlement has ended with the Supreme Court ruling against the oil and gas workers who brought the case. Read More

Recession takes toll on young workers’ health

Younger workers are more stressed in their jobs and feel under more pressure to work long hours than their older colleagues. Read More

Heart-disease link to long hours a "wake-up call"

People who work more than 11 hours a day are at a significantly higher risk of heart disease, compared with those who work more standard hours, a new study concludes. Read More

Misgivings voiced over medics’ shift-work patterns

Junior doctors are working irregular shift patterns, which, although they may be compliant with the European Working Time Directive, could be putting both the doctors' and their patients' health at risk. Read More

Long hours linked to higher risk of heart problems

Middle-aged employees who routinely work overtime are at an increased risk of coronary heart disease, researchers have discovered. Read More

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