worker fatigue

RoSPA’s top ten tips to address fatigue at work

Dr Karen McDonnell, RoSPA’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy Adviser and Head of RoSPA Scotland, offers advice on how employers can tackle the vital issue of fatigue. Read More

Fatigue risk management: How to adjust my daily routines to improve sleep

It is estimated that 87% of the population are not thriving because work, lifestyle, and social activities are out of sync with the natural daily cycle of daytime and night time. Read More

Driver fatigue Q&A

Following our recent webinar on driver safety, we put your unanswered driver fatigue questions to sleep expert Marcus de Guingand. Read More

Sleep and fatigue in UK working populations

81% of UK workers do not feel as though they achieve enough sleep. In this article, Marcus de Guingand, from Third Pillar of Health, discusses some of the data from a recently released whitepaper looking at the extent, impact and causes of tiredness and fatigue in different worker groups. Read More

Is your Fatigue Management Policy letting you down?

Following on from last month’s “Tired and Tested” article by Dr Vicki Culpin and Philip Crosbie – Clinton Horn, a Read More

Fatigue: the insidious risk to health and safety

Shift work contributes significantly to the UK economy but it can lead to fatigue and poor safety performance. Julie Bell Read More

Measures to manage fatigue in the rail sector to be recognised

Managing fatigue in the railway industry is crucial to reducing the risk of worker error and thus protecting those working and travelling on the rail network Read More

Coffee-drinking lorry drivers significantly less prone to crashes

Long-distance commercial drivers who consume caffeinated substances to stay awake while driving are significantly less likely to crash than those who do not, researchers from Australia have found. Read More

Pilots fear EU fatigue rules will jeopardise safety

In a week when the prime minister raised the prospect of a referendum on UK membership of the EU, pilots and cabin crew across Europe staged demonstrations against planned legislation from Brussels that they believe will harm safety by increasing their hours in the cockpit. Read More

Road accidents warrant closer HSE involvement, MP urges

The long-running debate about the HSE's 'limited' remit in respect of work-related road traffic accidents was back on the agenda last week, as MPs discussed how the Government could help reduce the number of driving deaths. Read More

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