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April 10, 2013

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Measures to manage fatigue in the rail sector to be recognised

Managing fatigue in the railway industry is crucial to reducing the risk of worker error and thus protecting those working and travelling on the rail network – which is why IOSH is looking to reward best practice in this area.

The Institution’s Railway Group Award 2013 for Fatigue Management is now open for nominations from or on behalf of individuals, teams and companies that have developed innovative schemes to manage fatigue in the railway industry.€

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8 years ago

Shame the same rulles do not apply to Junior Doctors?

Fatigue has been an issue on the railways for years, we as Approved Rail Contractors had to monitor working hours and travelling time to and from work locations for our employees back in the mid 1990`s, so this is hardly new.

And as for bubbling under the surface, I would suggest that a known contributing factor dating back to 1988 is P P P by all concerned?

13 shifts in 14 days was allowed, but many work far more & over 12hrs/shift

8 years ago

I once found a SPIC snoring on a shift on LUL, he was supposed to be watching my lads at work during Eng/Hrs.

It came to light that he had been working days and nights for over 10 days. And he was directly employed by them, costing us a bloody fortune to kip on the job.

I had another chap take my lads down the wrong tunnel on the Picadilly Line and walked into an oncoming eng/train, luckily they stepped into an interlinking service tunnel. Again the SPIC was double shifting.