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Government confirms implementation of ‘Harper’s Law’

Emergency workers will receive greater protection from violent criminals after the Government confirms ‘Harper’s Law’ will be added to the statute book. Read More

Police officers facing extreme stress as austerity cuts bite

Police forces are on their 'knees and facing extinction' as officers face extreme stress, the Police Federation has warned. Read More

Police Federation warns ‘more needs to be done’ on welfare

The Police Federation has warned 'more needs to be done sooner' to improve police welfare, after the Government launched a new shared wellbeing goal. Read More

The Thin Blue Line – mental health in the police force

A reduction in staffing and an increase in service demand has led to an increase in the number of police officers suffering from workplace stress and mental health issues. Jamie Hailstone investigates.Read More

Lords to discuss removal of police safety legislation

The House of Lords has commenced a committee debate of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, which includes a proposed clause that would repeal sections of the Police (Health and Safety) Act 1997. Read More

Rise in assaults on police

More than 17,000 police working days were lost in 2008/09 as a resultof assaults on officers in England and Wales ヨ a rise of 11.2 per centon the previous year.<br> Read More

HSE and Police chiefs agree policy on health and safety in operations

Recent heated debate over whether or not health and safety laws should apply to police activities has prompted a joint statement on the need for a common-sense approach from the HSE and Police Service chiefs.<br><br> Read More

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