Mining company fined £3.6m after electricians sustain burns

A mining company has been fined after two electricians suffered severe burns in separate incidents. Read More

Fishing has the highest average workplace fatality rate globally, ahead of mining and quarrying, according to latest figures

Fishing had the highest average fatality rate, with safety threats including working in unpredictable weather conditions, on the open water and from great heights. Read More

Company fined after worker crushed at coal face

A mining company has been fined for safety breaches following a fall of ground. Read More

How do periods of economic growth affect workplace injuries?

SHP speaks to Tanya Jenke, who has recently carried out a study to find whether economic growth, following a period of recession, has an impact on workplace injuries… Read More

How do periods of economic growth affect workplace injuries?

We are joined by Tanya Jenke, General Manager of Cority Australia, who has recently carried out a study, analysing over half a million occupational injuries in Western Australia between 2003-2019, to find whether economic growth following a period of recession has an impact on workplace injuries. Read More

‘40% of remote rotational workers experience suicidal thoughts some or all of the time’

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on remote rotational workers has been revealed in a new global study by the International SOS Foundation and Affinity Health at Work. Read More

Ensuring a healthy safety culture is at the heart of mining

By Rene Aguilar, Group Head of Safety, Anglo American As with other industries which are exposed to various degrees of Read More

Three to pay £590,000 after miner’s death at Yorkshire Mining Museum

Yorkshire’s National Coal Mining Museum Trust and two companies were ordered to pay a total of £590,000 in fines and Read More

Manslaughter trial due to start over death of four miners

The manager of Gleision Colliery, where four miners lost their lives in 2011, and the company which owned the pit are due to go on trial for manslaughter today (24 March). Read More

Coke-oven cancer claimants mount justice battle

More than 300 former coke-oven workers suffering from respiratory illnesses are taking legal action against British Coal and British Steel for exposure to harmful dust and fumes decades ago. Read More

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