Dominic Cooper

Beyond the norm – Have you risk assessed your safety culture?

A good safety culture is made up of several norms, but when was the last time you checked up on them? Dom Cooper says the time is now. Read More

Normative patterns in a culture of safety

Dom Cooper on different 'norms' and how they exist in a culture of safety. Read More

Wellbeing: Much ado about nothing?

Dominic Cooper suggests ambiguity around wellbeing is skewing OSH priorities. Read More

To trust, mistrust or distrust: That is the question.

Dom Cooper speaks on trust, mistrust and distrust and what the three terms can tell us about an employee's frame of mind and in turn, an organisation's safety culture... Read More

Just cultures: Culpability and incident-reporting

SHP hears from Dom Cooper on accountability in the workplace, error reporting and the meaning of 'just culture'... Read More

May I be candid? – Dom Cooper on psychological safety

SHP hears from Dominic Cooper on psychological safety, its relation to OSH and lessons to learn from the term... Read More

Great expectations: Are high-reliability organisations perfect?

How feasible is high-reliability perfection and does it actually make a difference? In his latest blog for SHP, Dom Cooper Read More

Exploring Britain’s national work-related mental health statistics

SHP hears from Dominic Cooper, who examines work-related mental health statistics and its implications. Read More

Dominic Cooper: To err is human, or is it?

Dominic Cooper on whether incident investigations are caused solely by the system or person. Read More

Ideology versus pragmatism in occupational safety and health

Dom Cooper summarises his recent EHS Congress session, where he dissected Safety Differently and behavioural safety. Read More

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