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FEIN sets new construction sector safety standards

Upon the identification of the safety concerns around use of compact angle grinders on site, Bougues invited manufacturers to develop a prototype that met its strict safety requirements. Read More

Construction group holds UK health and safety day

Every member of staff will be invited to attend multi-media sessions, which are being held at more than 100 of the companies’ sites and offices. Read More

Principal contractor ordered to pay more than £250,000 after banksman dies in strong winds

The HSE has urged companies to look at their control systems regarding lifting operations, following the prosecution of a London firm after a worker was killed by a large concrete beam during a dangerous lifting operation in winds in excess of 72km/h at a hospital construction site in Essex. Read More

Meeting sought with UK contractors in Qatar to “stop exploitation”

The GMB union has contacted the chief executives of 13 UK-based contractors with contracts in Qatar to build stadiums and other infrastructure leading up to the 2022 World Cup, seeking a meeting over the exploitation of migrant workers in the gulf state. Read More

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