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November 30, 2021

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SHP Awards

Finalists announced for SHP’s Rising Stars in Construction

The SHP Awards judging panel has selected eight finalists for SHP’s Rising Star in Construction Award for 2021.

SHP Awards - Rising Star FeatureThe SHP Rising Star Awards celebrate young, high-performing health and safety professionals. Some of the brightest, most passionate young stars of the profession.

Rising Stars is brought to you as part of the wider SHP Awards, which, for 2021, is in collaboration with Shirley Parsons, global HSEQ talent experts.

Rising Star in Construction recognises individuals, aged under 30 and from the UK, in construction sector going above and beyond to improve occupational health, safety and/or workplace wellbeing.

Every submission in this category is also automatically entered into Rising Star UK.

The winners will be announced in mid-December.


The finalists are:

Adam Dennehy, Senior SHE Advisor, Costain

Adam Dennehy

Adam is a passionate and driven HSEQ professional who began a career in construction Health and Safety shadowing a Health and Safety Advisor at Sir Robert McAlpines, following a five-year tenure in the British Army.

Joining Costain, Adam has supported the framework he is on to manage high risk activities. He has spent time with key contractors which are used frequently to help improve their internal processes which has shown a significant improvement on operator safety on sites, with hazard reporting reducing significantly month on month.

Prior to being promoted Adam worked closely with the senior SHE team and completed a lot of their tasks as well as his own. He would support with the end to end PQQ approval and supplier onboarding.

Adam was perfectly placed as he has built key relationships across the supply chain to support contractors. This has been identified by the supply chain which created demand for him to complete coaching sessions with their operators. He was also approached by a university student to shadow him on site and they have completed several site visits and started to build hand-on experience. Adam has given him tasks for his dissertation and given him actions to complete when on site. He is also contributing to the on-site reporting and delivering a tool-box talk to operatives in the coming weeks.

Bethany Holroyd, UK Health and Safety Advisor, WSP

Bethany Holroyd

Bethany Holroyd is a Health and Safety Advisor at WSP for their UK Transport and Infrastructure business. Bethany moved to Health and Safety after being approached internally within her business to make the move after showing a keen interest in safety. She has 11 years experience with nine of that being in the civil engineering industry. Having worked in both the public and private sector at (Halcrow/CH2MHILL and then The Moray Council) she has a broad range of knowledge that has helped her to succeed within her new career.

She enrolled onto NCRQ diploma, showing drive and commitment to complete in just eight months. She has written articles and blog posts for numerous businesses and institutions focusing on STEM careers, women in the construction industry and mental health. She delivers site safety training at WSP as well as supporting her business units and has brought a wave of positivity, passion and enthusiasm unlike any other.

Since changing careers she noticed that health and safety isn’t promoted as much as STEM, resulting in her working hard to promote it as a standalone career choice. At WSP she delivered the H&S segment for the undergraduate/apprentice induction for 2021.

Connor Callinan, Group H&S Advisor, TClarke

Connor CallinanDespite being only 25, Connor has already completed his NEBOSH Construction Certificate and is half way through his NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational H&S Management.

Connor has made significant progress throughout the business since he started as a health and safety Junior Assistant. He has proved himself to be a ‘go to’ individual who has established the respect from his peers and project management teams as an advisor. Connor has become a proactive and innovative individual who is known for his ability to help others and ensure tasks are addressed and closed out in a prompt time frame.

Connor is focused on creating a change in Site Management Level where H&S Management is not just seen as something that ‘has to be done’. He is known for facing challenges head on and is dedicated to changing the stigma surrounding H&S Management to a culture where individuals take pride in H&S because they want to.

James Knott, Health & Safety Manager, SJ Eastern

James has a true passion for people’s wellness, having experienced ill mental health himself. He was selected as Mind’s August 2021 guest newsletter contributor. Within the newsletter he talked all things eating disorders in men, including triggers for eating problems in males and campaigning for better mental health within the construction industry, in addition he has also blogged about his own personal story battling Anorexia Nervosa six years ago.

He has also produced a vlog in association with Mental Health UK to raise awareness around mental health, particularly eating disorders.

James has recently joined his secondary school alumni and supporters’ network, attending a launch day in October. During the event he spoke about his determination to succeed and his willingness to do well in life.

Jamie Hamilton, SHEQ Co-ordinator, K4 Consultancy

Jamie Hamilton

Jamie believes that the best safety management system, which drives effective results, requires human performance, process performance and performing technology. He assists clients with implementing lean processes as well as coaching human behaviour, resulting in what he believes to be industry leading safety management systems.

Jamie has been crucial in the design, build and roll out of paperless site folder technology in Northern Ireland. He has also been involved in the creation of informative video content, such as toolbox talks, publicly available through LinkedIn.

Jamie has also been in involved with the secondary school he attended, holding interactive classes with GCSE and A-Level students, promoting a career in health and safety. He has also worked on ensuring compliance on construction sites for housing adaptations to make properties more accessible for those with disabilities, including protecting the tenant.

Jessica Collings, Health and Safety Officer, Great British Communications Ltd. 

In the space of eight months, Jessica has gone from a H&S Coordinator to a lead Health and Safety officer, completing her Masters Degree in occupational health and safety.

Jessica has helped mentor three health and safety coordinators, providing support and guidance. During the pandemic, she provided updates to all staff, sub-contractors and the general public as legislation and guidance was updated.

As a young health and safety professional working within the male-dominated construction industry, Jessica has broken down the stereo type by being knowledgeable, passionate and gaining the respect from the engineers, colleagues and her peers by going the extra mile to provide support.

Mason McIntyre, Senior H&S and CDM Consultant, Hollis 

Mason’s journey started in the Royal Engineers, preparing RAMS for construction sites in various environments around the world.

He immerses himself in his role, showing determination, judgement and a flair for innovation. He recently pursued a risk identified on a project and produced a bespoke report highlighting the hazard and solutions through engagement with designers and contractor to create a robust record of the design decisions. His new report is now being rolled out across his organisation.

Mason is in the process of gaining his chartered status and uses this learning experience to improve the knowledge of all those around him. He has used his experience in the military to identify and remedy poor practises on construction sites through appropriate and supportive communication. He is currently developing a CPD presentation for colleagues, clients and contractors on design risk management off the back of the creation of his new design risk appraisal report.

Mason recently volunteered to undertake pro-bono work on behalf of a social enterprise charity, in which he is keen to use his skills to influence safety in design, construction and the use of buildings.

Ross Thomson, Graduate H&S Manager, Multiplex Construction Europe

Ross ThomsonRoss has recently completed his graduate scheme through Multiplex Construction Europe and now works to support the H&S management systems, policies and procedures of various Scottish construction projects. Over the past four years Ross has challenged the norm and brought fresh and vibrant way of thinking and, in March 2022, will take up the position of a Multiplex H&S Manager, overseeing a £130 million project.

As a part of Multiplex’s ‘One Life One Team’ initiative, Ross strives to promote collaboration between colleagues, clients and contractors through high-risk reviews, joint inspections and audits. An example of his influence was his approach to providing information to operatives and management through a QR system which he designed and implemented. The system allows anyone to use their phone to access files, logistics drawings and daily briefings.

Ross has taken on the mantel of the wellbeing champion for the region and is working with NHS Scotland (Wealthy Working Lives) to implement wellbeing initiatives. On the University campus project he has been working with students on a number of wellbeing projects. Over the past two years he has organised external parties to carry out talks to all operatives on heart disease, prostate cancer, stop smoking and healthy eating.

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